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AutoVolt May-June 2016 paper magazine and tablet

May-June 2016 AutoVolt Now Available

In the 12th issue of AutoVolt, we take a drive in the first production Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. It’s a fascinating car not only in its own right but also in the question it ultimately poses; do we value the convenience of hydrogen cars or prefer battery electric cars that are more efficient? Similarly, we take a closer look at the Riversimple Rasa, a Welsh built innovative two-seat lightweight hydrogen car that could make us rethink hydrogen cars before they’ve even begun to be sold.

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AutoVolt on Readly - PHOTO: Jonathan Musk

AutoVolt Now Available on Readly

We’re delighted to announce that AutoVolt is now available on Readly, a premier digital magazine reader. The Readly app means AutoVolt can be read on even more devices than before, so you can comfortably relax with your favourite electric car and hybrid vehicle magazine wherever you may be. Readly operates by charging a simple one

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