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Autovolt is the UK’s leading consumer magazine dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles. If you wish to reach more than 10,000 electric vehicle enthusiasts, all of whom either own, drive or are actively considering buying an EV, then call us on 07400 859 599 or email [email protected] for more details.

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Autovolt is the UK’s only consumer magazine dedicated to electric cars and hybrid vehicles. Our beautiful bimonthly magazine provides an invaluable opportunity to reach a targeted audience of more than 10,000 readers fascinated by the latest automotive technology and who either have already, are about to, or are simply interested in purchasing an EV or hybrid vehicle.

We are growing!

Electric cars, plug-in hybrids and other alternative-fuelled vehicles are increasingly being brought to market around the world. Autovolt is a pioneering publication to keep readers informed about this exciting cutting-edge field. Available as a paper or digital magazine on Readly, Magzter and in all major App stores, Autovolt is readily available and enjoyed by thousands.

More opportunities?

Autovolt is a media partner and proud sponsor to many electric car and electric bike ventures, including Kingston University’s record breaking ‘Ion-Horse’. Consequently, Autovolt is the go-to publication amongst the tight-knit electric car community. Advertising with Autovolt is simple, effective and reaches a highly engaged and receptive audience.

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Autovolt is the UK's leading consumer magazine dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles. We cover electric cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles and much more.


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