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Cars are complicated enough without trying to get your head around how they actually work. Welcome to the complicated world of electric cars.

Being presented with all the details can be overwhelming to say the least, so it’s our job to go through all the finer points to get to the core of a product, what it’s like and why you should be interested in buying one.

Perhaps you’re a serial electric car owner, or looking to dip your toe into the water for the first time. Autovolt offers a wide array of enthusiast-led information, written by the industry’s most stalwart writers who’ve been tinkering with electric cars ever since Father Christmas first brought them their first Scalextric.

We are the pioneers who first bolted an electric motor into a chassis. We’re the engineers who are inventing new electric batteries. We’re the reason why everyone’s talking about electric cars at the pub today and why Tesla and Elon Musk have become household names.

Autovolt is the UK’s longest-running electric car magazine. We’re proud to deliver quality content including news, features, reviews and interviews about the electric car world. Autovolt is the single most useful tool you can arm yourself with when buying an electric car, whether its your first or fifth.

Autovolt was conceived by Jonathan Musk, our Editor (pictured), in 2013. It stemmed from the idea that cars are better electric. That’s not just electric cars, but hybrids, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles too. Autovolt was established to provide a view into the electrified automotive world in a beautiful magazine that showcases the best automotive writing and photography around.

Autovolt Editor, Jonathan Musk

Worth a thousand words…

We feel the best way to describe Autovolt is with one of our magazines. Have a flick through, have a read, enjoy it and get an accurate depiction of what we’re all about.

Our award-winning magazine enjoys contributions from some automotive leading lights, including Robert Llewellyn (of Fully Charged fame), Jonny Smith, Alex Grant, Richard Gooding, Tim Barnes-Clay, Paul Beard, Paul Blezzard, Maxine Ashford and of course our editor, Jonathan Musk to name but a few.

And, after a few years hard work, Autovolt is the UK’s leading consumer magazine dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles.

Hot topics of conversation

Autovolt’s goal is to educate individuals and businesses about electric vehicles and how they can support a more sustainable mobility future.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first electric car or you’re fascinated by Formula E electric racing, Autovolt has provided the latest news and reviews on the electrified world ever since issue one rolled onto the shelves in July 2014. Each issue contains electric car news, reviews, features, interviews, history and technology sections. In addition, our pioneering Back Pages help those new to electric vehicles understand electric cars, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, charging electric vehicles, electric vehicles for fleets, common myths busted and an electric vehicle glossary of frequently used terms.

Topics Autovolt covers includes… new hybrid, battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell cars, vans and motorcycles. E-bikes and mobility solutions for consumers and businesses. Power and energy provision where related to electric vehicles. Likewise, the charging or provision of fuel for electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure. Electric flight and innovations in electric propulsion, including batteries, motors and internal combustion engines (if hybrid or plug-in hybrid). First drive and long-term reviews on new electric cars, electric vans and electric motorcycles. Motor shows and the latest announcements from manufacturers on their electrification plans. Government legislation affecting electric vehicles, the environment and the national electricity grids. We also focus on technology associated with electric vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, smart phones for connecting to cars, satellite navigation systems, peripheral-interest items including electric car merchandise and electric car books and films too. Electric car racing, including Formula E, eTrophy, MotoE, eTCR (Electric Touring Car Racing) and much more are also covered. There are, of course, many more topics in addition to these – see issue details for more specific content information.

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