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General questions

Founded by Jonathan Musk (no relation to Elon) in 2013, Autovolt was created to fill a void in consumer magazines, whereby there were no publications dedicated to electric and hybrid vehicles. What began as a niche topic quickly transformed over to the mainstream, as the automotive industry embraced electrification.

Our regular columnists have included the renowned and hugely talented writer, actor, and comic Robert Llewellyn and motoring writer/presenter Jonny Smith. In addition, Autovolt enjoys contributions from some of the UK’s most respected and award-winning automotive journalists.

Autovolt was present when the first foundations of Formula E were laid and has consistently been ahead of the curve with recognising the importance of electric mobility. Focusing on electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) ensures Autovolt remains at the cutting edge of automotive development.

Autovolt magazine is produced four times a year.

There are two ways to obtain Autovolt – print or digital.

Digital subscriptions are what we recommend and allow the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way to get Autovolt magazine. Digital subscriptions and single issue purchases are handled by Readly and Magzter, or you can opt for individual PDF downloads from MagCloud.

Alternatively, Autovolt magazine is available in traditional printed paper format from MagCloud. Please note that there are no print subscriptions to Autovolt magazine available at this time.

Don’t mistake Autovolt for a blog or daily news website. We like to think of Autovolt as a quarterly compendium of all the key information, news, innovations, reviews and features covering the fast-moving electric automotive industry.

We all lead busy lives, so keeping abreast of the latest ongoings in such a rapidly evolving industry is a full time job. In short, we monitor the industry daily, so that you don’t have to.

Each issue contains several feature articles and reviews about the latest plug-in, electric or hybrid vehicles. These are frequently accompanied by a technology piece that focuses on a specific hardware, for example, “how solar panels work”.

Alongside vehicles, we showcase gadgets that complement the electric car lifestyle. For example, the latest sat nav, security camera or dash cam.

Finally, repeated in each issue are our pioneering Back Pages. These provide an essential guide detailing how electric and hybrid cars work and their core components.

This is followed by information on charging an electric car and driving electric vehicles for business, plus a glossary of electric vehicle terms.

Autovolt is not produced by a large publishing company or team. All revenue goes directly toward paying for new and exciting content, including articles by top automotive journalists and contributors. These funds help maintain the high quality, integrity and consistency Autovolt’s readers have come to love, expect and demand.

Yes, you can sign up to our newsletter using the short form located at the bottom of this page (and on each page of this website), in the footer.

We never share your information and never bombard you with emails. Instead, we tend to only send emails when there’s a new issue, new feature or we’re alerting you to a relevant automotive or technology event. You may also receive the occasional marketing email, but rest-assured it will always be focused on the EV world and your interests.

Autovolt is only available in english. If you’d like a translation into your own language, please let us know.

Yes. All past issues are automatically available to Readly subscribers. Likewise, Magzter Gold customers have access to the entire back catalogue.

For purchases of individual issues, Magzter (digital) and MagCloud (print and digital) are the most cost effective options.

After a specific car review within one of our magazines? Your best bet is to contact us, or take a look at our magazines page.

Readly – digital

Readly was one of the first digital publishers to offer a flat rate subscription fee (currently £9.99/month) for access to every single magazine in its entire library. That means access to thousands of issues, both new and old, from some great titles – Autovolt included.

Readly is quick to load and included in the subscription fee access for up to five different devices and five people of your choice is allowed, turning one subscription into something your entire family can enjoy. This can be a huge monthly saving if each person in your family already owns a tablet device and subscribes to a variety of paper magazines separately. Readly is our preferred digital distributor, as we feel it offers the best value for money, App features and presentation of Autovolt.

Readly does not offer paper magazines.

The simplest method is to download the free Readly App, which is available on most major platforms (Apple iOS, Android, desktop web viewer). We recommend a 10-inch tablet, such as an iPad, to best enjoy Autovolt’s glossy pictures and ensure text is readable without needing squint or zoom in.

Once registered with Readly, simply login to the App with your details and browse the thousands of magazines at your fingertips… or simply search for Autovolt.

You can find Autovolt by searching for its title or looking in the “Automotive” category. If you’d like to be informed of the next issue release, click the small star in the corner of the magazine cover to mark it as a favourite.

Readly is an international digital magazine distributor offering access to thousands of global publications. Resultantly, it can be a bit of a minefield to find the magazines you’re most interested in.

We’d suggest using the helpful filters Readly supply in their apps, which should eliminate titles you’re not interested in. If you still can’t find Autovolt, it is likely you have either hidden “English language” magazines or the “Automotive” category.

  1. To correct this, choose the small globe icon (Country and Language settings) and make sure English is chosen on the list.
  2. Additionally, make sure United Kingdom is selected in the country list.
  3. Click on Categories and go to Automotive. You should now see Autovolt amongst the listings.

Alternatively, you should be able to find Autovolt simply by clicking the magnifying glass icon, which will allow you to search for Autovolt by name.

For specific Readly App problems, please see Readly’s FAQ using this link here.

Yes. Readly has a dedicated web browser platform that can be accessed here:

Magzter – digital

Magzter is a digital magazine platform. It is more flexible than Readly because it offers several purchase options.

You can purchase a single digital issue of Autovolt at the price listed on the magazine’s dedicated Magzter page. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Autovolt magazine for one year. Magzter prices are the least expensive option to read Autovolt.

Additionally, Magzter offers “Magzter Gold”, a similar service to Readly, which provides access to their entire magazine archive (not just Autovolt). Magzter also offers “Magzter Gold Lite”, which offers access to up to five magazines of your choice for a reduced fee.

Magzter does not offer paper magazines.

The simplest method is to download the free Magzter App, which is available for most platforms (Apple iOS, Android, desktop web viewer). We recommend a 10-inch tablet to best enjoy Autovolt’s glossy pictures and ensure text is readable without needing to squint or zoom in. Once registered with Magzter, simply login to the App with your details and you’ll be able to browse magazines, subscribe or view those you have already purchased.

If you’ve opted for a single issue or subscription to Autovolt, these will appear in the  magazines you already own. For Apple users, these are retrievable in the Apple “Newsstand”. If you’ve subscribed to Autovolt, you’ll receive automatic notification of the next issue release.

Alternatively, if you’ve opted to subscribe using “Magzter Gold” or “Magzter Gold Lite”, you can search for Autovolt or browse by category to find it. You can favourite Autovolt to be certain not to miss the next issue, or alternatively signup to our newsletter in the footer of this webpage to keep informed.

Magzter is an international digital magazine distributor and it can be a bit of a minefield to find the titles you’re most interested in.

We’d suggest using the helpful filters that will eliminate titles you’re not interested in. If you cannot find Autovolt, it is likely because you have not chosen English language magazines or the Automotive category. If you’ve subscribed to Autovolt or bought a single issue, please try the following:

  1. Login to Magzter or the App and navigate to My Subscriptions (if you’ve purchased a subscription) or My Single Issues (if you’ve only bought a single issue). Autovolt should now show.
  2. Alternatively, You can find Autovolt by searching for it by name in the search box.
  3. If you’ve favourited Autovolt before, you should be able to see it amongst your favourites in My Favourites.

For specific Magzter App problems, please see Magzter’s FAQ using this link here.

MagCloud – print

Autovolt uses MagCloud’s services to offer a print-on-demand paper edition of Autovolt, delivered direct to your door. With MagCloud purchases, you also get a complimentary digital issue of the magazine so you can enjoy it in digital format at no additional cost.

MagCloud is an American company, owned by Blurb. Unfortunately, this means their pricing is in dollars but even after the exchange rate conversion and shipping, it is still cheaper and of higher quality than competing European services currently available – including Blurb’s own European arm.

MagCloud magazines differ from Amazon prints in that they’re of the highest quality possible. This means their production-time is a lot slower, as each issue is hand crafted by traditional print experts.

Unfortunately, no. MagCloud currently does not offer a means to subscribe to paper magazines sold via their online store. Instead, you can opt to be notified when the next issue becomes available and place an order on a per-issue basis.

MagCloud is an American service that Autovolt began using in 2014, when the first issue was launched. Because of this, prices are in dollars and paper issues are typically printed and despatched from America. However, even after taking the exchange rate into account, the price including delivery works out as cheaper than similar services offered by European printing companies.

In 2015 Blurb bought MagCloud and introduced a European based print service under the parent company name. Unfortunately, they remain more expensive and print at a lower quality than their American counterpart, so for now we’re sticking with MagCloud.

MagCloud paper magazines are generally printed and shipped from Europe. It takes approximately one week from the time your order is placed to delivery at your door (three days to print, the rest is transit time) – if you’ve chosen Royal Mail to the UK, which we suggest. If you’ve paid for faster delivery methods, your order can be with you in just a few days.

Yes. MagCloud ships internationally but please be aware shipping costs vary depending on the destination country.

Other questions

Of course, please get in touch directly. Alternatively, if your query relates specifically to any of the following…

For Readly: To cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions at this link.

For Magzter: Because Magzter offers a variety of subscription options, please view their help & FAQ section and contact their customer support directly.

At the bottom of each newsletter we send, there is an unsubscribe link. Simply click this link and follow the steps. If you don’t have an email link to click, you can either wait for the next newsletter to arrive and click the unsubscribe link then, or please feel free to contact us.

For any other questions, please write to us at [email protected]