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May-June 2016 AutoVolt Now Available

In the 12th issue of AutoVolt, we take a drive in the first production Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. It’s a fascinating car not only in its own right but also in the question it ultimately poses; do we value the convenience of hydrogen cars or prefer battery electric cars that are more efficient? Similarly, we take a closer look at the Riversimple Rasa, a Welsh built innovative two-seat lightweight hydrogen car that could make us rethink hydrogen cars before they’ve even begun to be sold.

We have a first drive review of the new Mahindra e2o – a tiny electric city car that comes from a giant Indian car maker. Mahindra are best known in the UK for their efforts in Formula E, but does any of that racing expertise translate into a city car? We also have reviews of the larger batteried Nissan LEAF 30kWh, the 2016 Toyota Prius and sleek Lexus RC 300h coupé.

Electricity supply is often on the minds of those with an electrified vehicle and for our technology piece we take a look at something a bit closer to home. Home battery storage and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) are finally coming to the UK thanks to Nissan and Eaton who’ve developed the xStorage home battery, and Enel for V2G tech. They both have the potential to revolutionise our energy use and you could even end up being paid to plug your car in. All these features plus much more are available to read in our new issue, available at Readly, Magzter and MagCloud.

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AutoVolt May-June 2016 paper magazine and tablet

Main features in this issue are:

  • FIRST DRIVE: Mahindra e2o
    The Indian manufacturers first attempt at introducing an electric car to the UK, we take a look and a drive, but is it too expensive?
  • FIRST DRIVE: Toyota Mirai
    We get behind the wheel of Toyota’s first production hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai and take a look at what it offers both as a car and a means to an end.
  • INSIGHT: Autonomous Cars Save Lives
    Autonomous cars are touted to play a big part in our future, but will they save as many lives as manufacturers would have you believe?
  • FEATURE: Riversimple Rasa
    We take a look at the tiny Rasa, a two-seat hydrogen fuel cell vehicle produced in Wales by an up-start company with big ideas.
  • INSIGHT: Should We Invest in EVs?
    An insightful look at why government should invest in electric cars and what it may bring to our economy.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Home Batteries & V2G
    How home battery storage and vehicle-to-grid could revolutionise the way we use power.
  • INTERVIEW: Richard Candler
    Five minutes with Richard Candler, Nissan’s future technologist, on autonomous cars and what the future may hold.
  • REVIEW: Nissan LEAF 30kWh
    The new larger battery LEAF put to the AutoVolt test, but is it worth it over the 24kWh version?
  • REVIEW: Toyota Prius
    We drive the new 2016 Prius to Northumberland and take some stunning scenery photos of an ancient landscape with a modern machine.
  • REVIEW: Lexus RC 300h
    The only hybrid coupé on sale today, Lexus’ RC is a very pretty thing, but is it a good hybrid?
  • BUYING GUIDE: Vauxhall Ampera
    Our guide to the Vauxhall Ampera, a car that seemingly has it all and for just £10,000 on the used market! A bargain or full of problems?

The latest EV & hybrid news, plus handy guides explaining electric and hybrid vehicles to both the beginner and enthusiast alike complement every issue.