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AutoVolt Now Available on Readly

We’re delighted to announce that AutoVolt is now available on Readly, a premier digital magazine reader. The Readly app means AutoVolt can be read on even more devices than before, so you can comfortably relax with your favourite electric car and hybrid vehicle magazine wherever you may be.

Readly operates by charging a simple one month flat-rate fee of £9.99. This gives you unlimited access to all magazines they host, taking away the necessity to manage subscriptions to each and every magazine you read.

What’s more, Readly enables you to use your account on up to five devices, meaning your whole family can enjoy your subscription and choose whichever magazines they wish to read. Naturally, being digital, magazines don’t kill trees, take up space in your home or necessitate filling up your recycling every month, so it really is win-win!

With paper magazines costing an average £4.99 each at the newsagents and if you buy two magazines every month, Readly works out as just 1 pence more, but for access to hundreds of magazines. Being digital, it might save you a trip to the shops too, which will make the difference in price in fuel! It’s a no-brainer.

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AutoVolt on Readly (Android Tablet)