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What is a Tesla Model S like to drive in the snow?

Tesla has released a video following a Norwegian Model S owner, Arne Jakobsen, through his daily drive.

Although a standard Model S, it is fitted with snow/ice tyres which have small metal spikes as can be clearly seen in the footage. For any people worried as to weather the door handles which pop out of the doors will ever be a problem, the wintry climate depicted may alleviate some fears as the Tesla copes very well in snow despite it’s rear wheel drive chassis.

Controlling the drive to each wheel much faster than a conventional mechanical differential would be able to has enabled the Model S to be very capable on snow and ice since it constantly adjusts the traction to each wheel where necessary.

Arne believes he can rely on Model S to get him to places other vehicles simply could not reach. What do you think?

Tesla Model S in the snow

Video source; Tesla