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Tesla Now Made in Europe, for Europe

Tesla has opened its new factory dedicated to supply European customers with Model S. The factory, located in Tilburg, streamlines the production process for European deliveries bringing more customers their Model S, faster.

The Tilburg Factory builds Model S from the very same USA manufactured components as used in Tesla’s US factory in Fremont, California. In Tilburg, assembly includes installation of the battery pack, powertrain and rear axle, and the cars first firmware upload.

The Tilburg Factory is the first car factory in Europe with its own indoor production test track. The 750 metre long track consists of 400 metres of asphalt and 6,000 ‘dots’ simulating bumps in the road. The long test track puts Model S through its final paces to ensure that Tesla’s high standards in quality are maintained and delivered with each vehicle.

With a total area of 77,648 square metres, the Tilburg Factory is designed for maximum efficiency and is BREEAM-NL Outstanding certified. This means the factory is as sustainably designed and built as possible, since few buildings achieve outstanding from the harsh testing criteria. State-of-the-art energy efficient production lines transport about 90 Model S from shell to luxury sports saloon in a day or about 450 per week, doubling the current capacity.

Tesla now has 69 stores and service centres across 12 countries in Europe. More than 1,000 Superchargers stretch from Norway to Slovenia and the United Kingdom to Spain. Using a combination of Superchargers and the newly launched destination charging, Model S customers are able to travel extensively and easily over long distances in Europe. Tesla’s presence continues to grow across Europe on a weekly basis as more customers join the Tesla family.

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Tesla Model S - Red