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AutoVolt Sep-Oct 2015 Issue Now Available

The newest edition of AutoVolt is now available. This exciting and jam packed issue is filled with all the latest electric and hybrid vehicle news and review. We’re lucky enough to have experienced all three of the most sought after current hyper hybrids; the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. Plus, we took a BMW i8 along for the ride too!

Aside from these hypercars, we’ve been driving a lot of Tesla. First up, a drive from Amsterdam back to the UK in the 0-62 mph in 3.1 second capable monster that is the P85D. We were in Amsterdam for a rather special celebration of Tesla achieving one billion electric miles travelled by their Model S customers too. Having returned to the UK, we were treated a further week with the standard Model S 85. It was a great experience as this is the best-selling version and the one most likely to be bought – or at least it was.

In the world of hybrids, we’ve reviewed the Ford Mondeo Hybrid, which is a car that surprisingly grows on you the more it is driven. Back in Amsterdam, we were invited to try out the latest VW plug-in hybrid too, the Passat GTE – already an AutoVolt award winner (see the previous issue). There’s lots more inside too, as you can see from the handy spread below – 106 pages in total!

Main feature articles in this issue are:

  • FEATURE: ELECTROFLIGHT: Electroflight is an ambitious British project to create an electric aeroplane capable of 300 mph. AutoVolt takes an in-depth look at the project and what it might mean for electric aviation.
  • FEATURE: ENERGY SWITCHING: AutoVolt asks leading renewable energy supplier Ecotricity what really goes on behind the scenes when switching energy company. The answers are surprising!
  • FEATURE: HYPER HYBRIDS: An exclusive look at three of the world’s most desirable hypercars, which just happen to be hybrid. AutoVolt talks to Paul Bailey, the lucky chap who owns all three of these amazing cars.
  • FEATURE: TESLA SUPERCHARGER RALLY: AutoVolt was invited to attend this exclusive event, the first official European Supercharger rally. We experience a Model S 85 all the way to Amsterdam and back.
  • REVIEW: TESLA MODEL S 85: The best-selling version of this iconic electric car, fully tested by us.
  • FIRST DRIVE: TESLA MODEL S P85D: Yes, more Tesla! AutoVolt gets a first drive in Tesla’s supercar beating P85D. It’s shockingly (or should that be insanely) quick!
  • TECHNOLOGY: SOLAR PANELS: All you wanted to know about solar power.
  • REVIEW: FORD MONDEO HYBRID: A great car installed with hybrid, does it make sense?
  • FIRST DRIVE: VW PASSAT GTE: AutoVolt is taken to Amsterdam (again) to test drive the latest VW plug-in hybrid.
  • BUYING GUIDE: HONDA CIVIC HYBRID: Our guide to buying a used Civic Hybrid.
  • REAR VIEW: Is Wireless Charging Worthwhile?

The latest EV & hybrid news, plus handy guides explaining electric and hybrid vehicles to both the beginner and enthusiast alike complement every issue.

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