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London to Paris

AutoVolt Jan-Feb 2016

Jan-Feb 2016 AutoVolt Available Now!

In this issue, AutoVolt embarks on a voyage from London to Paris, in an electric Nissan LEAF 30kWh. Our trip coincided with COP21, a climate conference held in Paris in December 2015. Following our #EV2PARIS journey, we’ve created a handy guide from our learnings – so go on, get travelling in your EV!

AutoVolt was offered a ride in the Flux Capacitor – Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear presenter) has restored the diminutive Enfield…

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Nissan LEAF - AutoVolt

London to Paris in an Electric Car #EV2PARIS

The COP21 conference held in Paris this year may mark the beginning of the end for fossil fuel as Europe and indeed the world sets its sights on reducing global emissions. The EU has already pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and with scandals such as Dieselgate highlighting the fact that even the best engineers in the world are feeling the pressure to cheat emissions tests, the writing’s on the wall for traditional fossil fuel.

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