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Jan-Feb 2016 AutoVolt Available Now!

In this issue, AutoVolt embarks on a voyage from London to Paris, in an electric Nissan LEAF 30kWh. Our trip coincided with COP21, a climate conference held in Paris in December 2015. Following our #EV2PARIS journey, we’ve created a handy guide from our learnings – so go on, get travelling in your EV!

AutoVolt was offered a ride in the Flux Capacitor – Jonny Smith (Fifth Gear presenter) has restored the diminutive Enfield 8000 from a 40 mph classic EV, into an 800 bhp electric dragster! As Europe’s quickest road legal EV, it was one hell of a ride. We also take a look at autonomous cars and their technology, review the latest Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota Prius+ facelifts and take an eye-opening drive around Porsche’s Silverstone Experience Centre – plus much more!

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AutoVolt Jan-Feb 2016

Main features in this issue are:

  • FEATURE: Top 5 EV Resources
    Whether you have an EV, want an EV or are simply interested in them, we take a look at our top five favourite resources – essential reading!
  • FEATURE: London to Paris by EV
    We travelled from the heart of London to the centre of Paris in a Nissan LEAF. We’ve created a handy guide full of helpful hints and tips for those wishing to embark on a European adventure of their own.
  • FEATURE: The Flux Capacitor
    AutoVolt visits Jonny Smith, best known as presenter of Fifth Gear, for a ride in his Enfield 8000 electric dragster – Europe’s quickest road legal EV!
  • TECHNOLOGY: Autonomous Cars
    The future is upon us! We discover what makes an autonomous car work and the technology that goes in them.
  • REVIEW: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    The Japanese PHEV has had a refreshing facelift, AutoVolt finds out what’s new and whether its still as good as the older model.
  • REVIEW: Toyota Prius+
    Another facelift car, but this time for the seven-seat hybrid. We ask whether it is still a great family car, or has it been superseded by new plug-in hybrids?
  • FEATURE: The Porsche Experience
    AutoVolt was invited to drive a Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid around the German brand’s exclusive Silverstone Experience Centre to learn how to handle a car and its driving aids.
  • BUYING GUIDE: Renault Fluence Z.E.
    Our guide on buying the wallet-friendly electric car bargain that is the Fluence Z.E.

The latest EV & hybrid news, plus handy guides explaining electric and hybrid vehicles to both the beginner and enthusiast alike complement every issue.