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AutoVolt Jan-Feb 2015

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  • LEAF VS E-GOLF. The Nissan LEAF has stood as the benchmark electric car since it was first introduced in 2010. Now it meets its new competition, the VW e-Golf.
  • MG CONCEPT EV. We visit Longbridge, home to British car makers for generations and today, it is home to the regeneration of MG.
  • HONDA’S FUEL CELL FUTURE. Maxine Ashford visits Honda to get the low-down on their solar powered hydrogen facility and takes a rare drive in the fuel cell FCX Clarity. Plus, we look at what’s inside a fuel cell vehicle and what FCVs there are to look forward to.
  • TECHNOLOGY: FUEL CELL. Intelligent Energy help us to explain what a fuel cell is and how it works.
  • JACK OF ALL TRADES. Is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV the best value car on the market today? We find out.
  • INFINITI POSSIBILITIES. In-car tech aplenty can be found inside the Infiniti Q50S Hybrid, a performance saloon with a few tricks up its sleeve.
  • APPEELING? The Peel P50 has been made electric and offers a unique yet tiny experience.
  • FIRST DRIVE: KIA SOUL EV. A newcomer to the EV scene, Kia’s new Soul EV should offer excellent driving range, but is that enough to justify its price?
  • BUYING GUIDE: RENAULT ZOE. ZOE’s may only be two years old, but with heavy early depreciation, a two year old model could prove to be quite a bargain.

The latest EV & hybrid news, plus handy guides explaining electric and hybrid vehicles to both the beginner and enthusiast alike complement every issue.

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