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Chevrolet Offers a Sneak Peek at New 2016 Volt

Chevrolet offered a first glimpse at the 2016 Volt at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas ahead of its official unveiling on the 12th at the Detroit Motor Show.

There is quite a lot already known about the new Volt, aside from how it will appear in the flesh. Now, some questions have been answered but only really how it looks from the front.

Initial impressions are the car looks a little rounder around the edges and more soft for mainstream appeal and to our eye there is a whiff of Honda FCX Clarity. Either way, it is a handsome enough car and in reality it is what’s inside that matters more.

In the below gallery you can see the sneaky three CES photos, plus some of the already announced technology that will be inside the car. Perhaps the most significant improvement is the electric motor which is an in-house GM developed unit called Voltec. GM states these are 20% more efficient and use far less rare earth materials, meaning the motors have less environmental impact during construction.

As for more clues of the Volts total appearance, we will have to wait another week…

Source; Chevrolet/GM