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Our gift to you: FREE Six Month Digital Subscriptions!

Our six month FREE digital subscription offer has now come to a close. Click here to subscribe to AutoVolt.

It has been drawn to our attention that some people don’t spend their time on the internet during the festive period and as such missed out on the opportunity to get a FREE six month subscription to AutoVolt. As such, we have decided to extend our offer for the duration of January 2015! There is a new promo code as you can see below.

Last year has seen AutoVolt go from being ‘just another website’ to providing a beautiful bimonthly magazine containing all the latest and greatest electric and hybrid vehicle news, reviews, interviews, features, information and more. We’ve put a huge amount of effort to achieve this and want to share it with you, no catch.

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How to claim your FREE six month digital subscription*:

  1. Go to the coupon redemption page;
  2. Login or Register with Magzter and enter the promo code: AVFREEBIE15
  3. Go to the “My Purchases” page to read AutoVolt magazine[/box]

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* Please note, this free offer is valid until the 31st January 2015. The magazine is bimonthly, i.e. once every two months. Free subscription is via Magzter’s digital distribution network. Magzter is available via a PC/Mac and most app stores (Apple, Android, Amazon etc.).

3 thoughts on “Our gift to you: FREE Six Month Digital Subscriptions!”

  1. Free trial subscription is a great idea, but sadly you don’t offer PDF *or* ePub, so there’s really no way for me to read it. Reading on a backlit screen is just not pleasant 🙁 I have a subscription to the (unrelated) Linux Voice magazine, which offers both PDF and ePub, and works brilliantly.

    1. Hello Paul! Thank you for your comment and feedback. From your suggestion, I’m guessing you are wanting to read the magazine on a Kindle (or similar). As you correctly point out, we do not issue the magazine in PDF. The simple reason for this is distribution becomes difficult to track as PDFs can be so easily shared. This then makes attracting advertisers more difficult too, as they naturally like to know where their adverts are seen!

      1. Yeah, I understand the difficulty. PDFs and ePubs can be DRMed, though (although DRM is horrible for end-users). Most publishers use Adobe Digital Editions to offer DRM-locked PDFs and ePubs. This would certainly be better for eReaders. (Mine’s a Kobo, btw — Kindles don’t support ePub.) On the other hand, Linux Voice manages to distribute its magazine just fine without DRM at all!

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