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Faraday Future Will Offer Glimpse of Elusive EV at CES 2016

Faraday Future, the ex-Tesla and Google electric car specialist employer has offered an extremely subtle glimpse at what might be an inkling of a detail of their highly anticipated electric car… or whatever it is they have been working on.

As you may have gathered, there’s not too much known about what the company will unveil, but the employees are a good indication that it should be exciting. The designer of BMW’s stunning i8 sports car combined with ex-Tesla engineers would be enough to give any sparkhead a smile, let alone when you add in the promise of $1 billlion investment. Of course, with so little to go on, there is every possibility the company will simply present an ‘idea’ for the future rather than any concrete plans.

Choosing the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 is, in itself, an interesting move. More usual for the latest TV or mobile phone to be demonstrated, CES has served as a technology showcase for many companies, but not so much for car makers – except for recent years. 2014 and 2015 CES enjoyed an increased presence from car makers who were keen to demonstrate new in-car developments and particularly electric powered vehicles.

On January 4, 2016, we’ll find out what Faraday Future has been cooking up.

“Faraday Future will unveil a concept inspired by our design and engineering vision.”

Faraday Future CES 2016 teaser screenshot

Check out this fascinating video interview by The Verge, who were invited to Faraday Future for an exclusive behind the scenes look.

Source; Faraday Future