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Ecotricity Introduce new Super Efficient Small Windmill with Big Power

Britain’s leading green energy supplier, Ecotricity, has launched a groundbreaking new windmill at the European Wind Energy Association conference in Paris (17-20 November).

The windmill is designed and manufactured in Britain by Ecotricity’s new subsidiary, Britwind, which it formed in 2014 and who already produce Britain’s best-selling small windmill, the Britwind R9000.

The new machine, dubbed the Britwind H15, is set to bring big wind performance to small wind, generating electricity at almost half the cost of the best selling small windmill on the market.

Ecotricity also introduced a radical new approach, creating a new kind of green energy partnership between itself and its customers – making green energy where they live and work and sharing the benefits with them.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said:

“The government’s assault on the renewables industry has led to two thirds of small wind companies going bust in the past two years, so when we launched Britwind we knew we needed to do something radically different.

The Britwind H15 is at the cutting edge of windmill technology – it’s super efficient, cheap to maintain, and cuts the cost of making energy. Our commercial model is also at the cutting edge – we make the energy with our customers, where they live and work, and we share the benefits with them.

It’s about democratising the energy market – our aim is to bring lower bills and energy independence to homes and businesses in Britain, and to export the same opportunity to other parts of the world.”

AutoVolt first reported Britwind’s work on a small British designed and built windmill during an exclusive interview with Dale Vince, which can be read in issue 5, March-April 2015.

As well as launching the new windmill at the conference, Ecotricity hosted a side event entitled Democratising Energy – the event featured a talk from Sandrine Dixson-Declève, the director of the Prince of Wales EU Corporate Leaders Group, who spoke about global subsidies and the campaign to halt fossil fuel subsidies.

Britwind H15 windmill turbine

The Britwind H15

Standing at an average height of 25m, the horizontal-axis windmill has a power rating of 15kW. It’s available in two versions to optimise use in higher or lower wind speed sites, offers high reliability, and low maintenance, with only three wearing parts.

H15 windmills will be suitable for many types of landowners from farmers and rural properties, to schools, sporting clubs, as well as small, medium and large businesses. Combining design innovation with an end-to-end service enables Ecotricity to offer two options to customers: To allow the installation of windmills at their home or business and share the benefits; they are also available for people to buy.

To find out more about Ecotricity and Britwind, visit their websites: Ecotricity | Britwind