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Tesla Motors have introduced a few intriguing ideas to get new customers. Every current Tesla Model S owner that introduces a new customer that results in a sale will receive $1,000 off their next purchase with the company, but the offer is only valid until 31st October. Should an owner recommend five new Tesla customers, they will be invited to the Gigafactory opening in Nevada and the first person to introduce ten new Model S owners will receive a Model X for free!

Tesla Model X


The Danes may bring their EV incentives to an end, significantly pushing up the price of plug-in vehicles. Their tax status is also due to come to an end at the end of the year. However, the Danish government are already looking at replacement subsidies and incentives to replace those currently in place. If they do not, prices may rise by up to 180 percent in some cases.

Welcome to Denmark


Renault have been hard at work on their Laguna replacement, the Talisman. When unveiled recently, there was no sign or mention of a hybrid or plug-in variant, but the French firm’s CEO, Stefan Müller, says a hybrid model will be on display at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Speaking to in German, the CEO added, “The European market for vehicles with alternative drivetrain technology is unfortunately developing rather slowly, admittedly worse than we expected.” This perhaps explains why cars such as the Fluence have been all but forgotten and popular models such as the Megane have yet to receive any EV or PHEV or even mild-hybrid powertrains, despite Renault’s push for electrification.

Renault Talisman


Mercedes-Benz’s eMERGE trials are now complete, after 146 smart fortwo ED (Electric Drive) were driven more than 1 million kilometres around Berlin, Potsdam and North Rhine-Westphalia. The results were encouraging and Mercedes have taken the decision to launch eMERGE2 with 200 B-Class Electric Drive and PHEV models.

Smart Fortwo Electric


BYD are the chosen manufacturer for the newest London electric buses, which will see service in the capital city this autumn on two major bus routes, the 507 and 521. 51 electric bus chassis will be built by BYD in total, but the coachwork will be completed by Alexander Dennis Ltd., perhaps best known for their iconic fire engines.

BYD Electric Bus






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    Nice peep into the world of Evs globally. I hope the Danes will arrange a beneficial tax status for Evs, as it may show other nations that they don’t have to remove zero VED for Road going Evs and charge a fortune.

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