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Electric Blue Officially Opens First Rapid Taxi Charge Point in Watford

Amongst the daffodils of Watford, there is a new tall white monolith that has seemingly landed from space. It’s not quite the scene from 2001 A Space Odyssey, but not far off. Electric Blue, the new electric taxi company with a difference, has installed their first electric charge point in Watford, near the bus stop along Beechen Grove. Electric Blue aims to introduce electric taxis into local taxi fleets.

On Monday 23rd March, Director of Electric Blue, Alex Calnan, was joined by the Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill, for the first ride in an Electric Blue taxi with the destination set as the brand new Rapid Charger. Alex said,

“With support on the day from Nissan, EValu8 and Watford Borough Council, we have had an extremely positive response this week and already have a number of drivers lined up to trial the electric vehicles over the next couple of months… Watch this space!”

A trial scheme has been created to allow local drivers a test in a fully licensed electric taxi for a day, week or month. It is an ideal opportunity to experience first hand the benefits of electric propulsion, without needing to jump in head first with ownership. As such, the next taxi ride you take in Watford could be emission free!

Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill and Alex Calnan, Director of Electric Blue

Part of Electric Blue’s project is to install a Rapid Charger Network across towns and cities, which will allow taxi drivers to recharge in as little as 25 minutes. As the project develops, the rapid charge points will be made available to the general public, providing a vital inner city rapid charge network. Electric Blue aren’t just relying on ‘dirty’ power from the National Grid either and have teamed up with green energy company, Good Energy, who will provide the chargers with 100% renewable energy. Details as to when the chargers will be made available to non-taxi drivers and their associated costs and method of operation are yet to be finalised, but Electric Blue have stated on their twitter account (@ElectricBlueLtd) they are looking at different options and charges will likely be between £4-5 per charge.

Electric Blue has partnered with Nissan to provide the first vehicles available for drivers to trial, which include the very popular Nissan LEAF. The range of vehicles will soon grow to include larger 7 seat vehicles such as the e-NV200 and wheelchair accessible vehicles too.

Electric Blue is continuing their close work with Watford Borough Council, Nissan and EValu8 to develop the charging network and support drivers wishing to try and upgrade to electric.

Source; Electric Blue & Watford Borough Council

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