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Bolloré Bluecar Moves Assembly to Renault Dieppe

Bolloré Bluecar assembly has begun at Renault’s Dieppe (France) factory. The commencement of production heralds a new era for Bolloré’s Bluecar, which can be seen on French city streets around the country.

Previously, the Pininfarina designed car was made in Italy but the decision to move assembly to France is Bolloré’s recognition of the French manufacturers electric expertise and the Dieppe factory specialises in small production numbers, ideal for the Bluecar.

The Bluecar is a small electric city car that operates within French cities. At present, there are 4,500 Bluecars on French roads, having been introduced in 2011. At 3.65 metres in length and only 1.7 metres wide, the Bluecar offers users an ideal electric car experience and approximately 155 miles range.

Bluecar’s can be rented using companies such as Paris’ Autolib, an electric car sharing service that operates Bolloré Bluecars throughout the capital.

Bolloré themselves are a company who have helped develop an electric battery for use inside the Bluecar. They also own the Source London charging network and have plans to introduce their Bluecars to the UK.

Autolib in Paris, Bolloré Bluecar