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AutoVolt Magazine on Google Currents

AutoVolt Magazine is proud to announce that we are now published on Google Currents.

What does this mean?  It means you can keep up to date with all your favourite news and reviews on electric and hybrid vehicles by simply subscribing to our Google Currents magazine.  What’s more, this will allow you to read all the best AutoVolt electric and hybrid vehicle articles offline, just like a paper magazine.

So, without further delay, to add our site to your Google Currents, click the image below:

AutoVolt Magazine on Google Play Newsstand

Google Currents is available for Android devices (both tablets and mobile phones), Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.  For your viewing pleasure, we recommend browsing AutoVolt Magazine using a tablet device.

Don’t forget, there will always be more on our website than on our Google Current’s Magazine, so remember to check our main website for the very latest up-to-date news, information and more.