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World’s First Autonomous Electric Public Transport Service Launches in France

NAVYA, specialists in developing innovative mobility solutions and Keolis, a world leader in public passenger transport, are joining forces to offer the first 100% electric, autonomous and driverless public transport service called NAVLY.

This service of driverless autonomous shuttles intends to meet the challenges set by urban mobility and deliver on future demands. NAVLY will be an addition to the traditional modes of transport already offered (bus, tram and underground) and will complement new ways of getting around such as the Velo’V (bicycle sharing system) and car-sharing services, offering an efficient, innovative and intelligent alternative.

Created with the support of la Métropole de Lyon (consisting an area that includes 59 municipalities and 1.3 million inhabitants) and Sytral (responsible for all transport solutions in the Lyon Metropolitan area), NAVLY collectively responds to the pressing new urban challenges faced in our cities of the future. This public/private collaboration aims to promote the creation of brand new services for passengers and enable innovative businesses to emerge, with a focus on sustainable development, mobility, energy saving, the environment and quality of life. This operation is endorsed by the French Agency for Environment and Energy management (ADEME).

These players have partnered and taken a bold gamble to make their city “more intelligent” for the well-being of its residents.

NAVLY - World's first autnomous electric public transport service

A world first in a flagship district of la Métropole de Lyon

La Métropole de Lyon has endorsed the NAVLY project since the beginning and has chosen the Confluence district to conduct the trial. This symbolic location is recognised as an “eco-district” by the French government, a “sustainable district” by the WWF and has also been awarded the European Concerto label for its energy efficient buildings.

The new NAVLY service, which is incorporated into the overall public transport network managed by SYTRAL, completes the package and offers an innovative last mile transportation solution.

The NAVLY service is French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy approved and complies with the public safety criteria allowing for autonomous shuttles to operate on the open road.

It is the very first time in the world that this form of transport system is to be implemented. This mode of urban transport is part of a long-term trial and its aim is to become an enduring long-lasting service for the city.

NAVLY - World's first autnomous electric public transport service

NAVLY, a simple, safe service in operation from 5th September onwards

Two electric, driverless and completely autonomous shuttles will begin operating from 5th September onwards, travelling alternately on the same 1,350m (0.8 mile) circuit located adjacent to the Saône river. Pictograms on the floor will mark out the route. They will make five stops along the way, designated by fixed information posts located between the shopping centre and the far southern point of the Confluence district: Charlemagne, Passerelle, Les Salins, La Sucrière and Magellan.

Free of charge for all users, the shuttles take up to 15 people, with room for 11 seated. A NAVLY operator will be on board at all times to ensure the safety of passengers and to answer any questions.

The shuttle service will operate on Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 7pm with increased frequency (10 minute intervals) at peak times. The autonomous shuttles will also be available for public use during the weekend of 3rd and 4th September.

NAVLY - World's first autnomous electric public transport service

100% French cutting-edge technology

Designed and manufactured by NAVYA, the NAVYA ARMA shuttles are the product of ten years’ expertise in the field and the result of work carried out by fifty or so multi-skilled employees. There is no steering wheel and no pedals, they run on a battery, are 100% electric and boast an effective navigation and sensor system incorporating the simultaneous use of several types of the very latest technology including Lidars, stereovision cameras, RTK (real-time kinematic) GPS, IMU and odometry.

The NAVYA ARMA can reach speeds of 45 km/h (28 mph) but during the trial it will be limited to 20km/h (12.5 mph). The shuttle has been designed with aesthetics and the comfort of its passengers in mind, both internally and externally. From conception (NAVYA) to management (KEOLIS), including its development and assembly, NAVLY is a 100% French product and service.

Source; NAVYA