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WAVE Trophy Winners

WAVE 2013 winners and participants
WAVE 2013 winners and participants

The annual WAVE electric car trophy is now complete, after participants drove for 10 Days,  about 1900 km with 40 electric car teams having set off from near Vienna and finally finishing in Zurich, finishing on the 7th July.

Highlights from the final day of their epic journey across Europe included visiting The Umweltarena in Spreitenbach, Switzerland, where exhibits of science and sustainable technology can be seen alongside a test track complete with electric vehicles for visitors to try out.

Several towns en-route to Zurich welcomed drivers with an area to rest at before continuing on the final leg of their journey which meant crossing the lake to Zurich.

At the final award ceremony first the results of the last three competitions were announced: The award for the most efficient Team was won by the UK’s very own Team Twike. The award for the best blog went to Team Just Married and the most popular car was the Tesla Roadster from Team ZeroCarbonWorld.

Based on points collected throughout the competitions and after applying any penalty points, the final rankings have been determined as follows;

And the winners are:

1. Team Phoenix Contact

2. Team Metron Institute and Team Austria’s Green Sportscar

3. Team Rafael de Mestre

Congratulations to the winning teams and to all else who participated in WAVE 2013.