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VW BUDD-e Moves Closer to Becoming a Reality

During the Center for Automotive Research’s annual Management Briefing Seminars, Dr. Matthias Erb, Chief Engineering Officer North American Region, Volkswagen, presented BUDD-e, Volkswagen’s electric microbus concept during the Car of Tomorrow session. Having debuted at CES 2016 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, BUDD-e is the first concept car developed by the Volkswagen Group that is built on the new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) platform.

“The BUDD-e concept offers a glimpse of next-generation e-mobility, connectivity and infotainment innovations, a perfect fit to showcase during the ‘Car of Tomorrow’ session,” said Dr. Matthias Erb, Chief Engineering Officer North American Region, Volkswagen. “Built on the MEB platform, we are showing a concept but also showcasing real-world possibilities of the future.”

Completely and thoroughly networked, BUDD-e is a mobile interface which connects the vehicle with the world around it. With the BUDD-e Volkswagen has developed a vehicle that can be more thoroughly connected with its surroundings than any car before it.

The BUDD-e concept’s highlights include:

  • A large 101 kWh battery that gives a manufacturer estimated range of up to 233 miles.
  • Gesture control 2.0 that enables intuitive operation of interior and exterior features.
  • Seamless communications with smart home and smart car technology, and infotainment technologies that turn travel into an interactive, intuitive experience.

Source; Volkswagen