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Volkswagen Shows Off XL1 in USA for the First Time

At long last, Volkswagen have finally got around to showing off their XL1 hybrid eco friendly car/spaceship in the USA, to an appropriately interested audience, the Society of Environmental Journalists. The Volkswagen XL1 is currently the most fuel-efficient and aerodynamic production car in the world, offering an estimated European combined fuel consumption of 261 mpg (more than 200 mpg estimated in the U.S. cycle) and can cover up to 32 miles as a zero-emissions vehicle in all-electric mode.

“The XL1 offers a glimpse into Volkswagen’s present and future eco-mobility capabilities, and highlights the ultimate successes of ‘Thinking Blue’. Volkswagen is proud to debut this ultra-fuel-efficient vehicle before the Society of Environmental Journalists, a group that shares in our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

Said Oliver Schmidt, General Manager of the Engineering and Environmental Office (EEO), Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

In addition to the XL1 display, Volkswagen’s participation in the SEJ Conference included a tour of its LEED® Platinum-certified Chattanooga manufacturing plant and solar park; test-drives in its line of eco-friendly cars, such as the e-Golf, Passat TDI Clean Diesel and Jetta Hybrid; and a bird-watching expedition on Volkswagen Chattanooga’s sanctuary grounds.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

Source; Volkswagen