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Video: Volkswagen e-Golf in Detail

Volkswagen’s newest electric car, the all electric e-Golf is sure to give those in the market for a new electric car food for thought. VW’s well praised internal combustion powered Golf is often considered the ‘safe’ choice for those wanting a family hatchback which provides ample space both for luggage space and carrying items for 2.4 children.

In electric guise, the Golf is little changed so should provide the same high quality materials you’d expect from Volkswagen and when coupled together with electric drive, the e-Golf should supply lots of low down torque and benefit from soothingly quiet drive.

This newly released video from Volkswagen shows the core features of the new car, such as the heat exchange unit which takes any heat from the powertrain and puts it into the interior cabin climate control system, alleviating some level of strain on the batteries that would otherwise have to supply power to the system. Like the VW e-up!, the e-Golf was designed from the ground up as being able to take an electric powertrain, meaning that all components were designed to be ‘packed’ away as efficiently and purposely as an internal combustion powertrain would be.

VW e-Golf Video

Video source; Volkswagen