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“Vettel and Hamilton would have a hard time in Formula E”, says Lucas di Grassi

This Friday, ‘CNN World Sport’ broadcasts an interview with Formula E Championship Leader, Lucas Di Grassi, ahead of the Paris E-Prix – the next event on the Formula E calendar.

Di Grassi speaks to host Alex Thomas about his controversial disqualification in Mexico earlier in the season, and the increased attendances the sport is currently experiencing.

As a former Formula One driver, Di Grassi offers his thoughts on two of the sport’s world champions, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, and questions how they would adjust to the challenges of Formula E.

With Saturday’s race taking place around the iconic Les Invalides building, CNN continues its coverage of Formula E with ‘Supercharged’ (Airing 30 April), which features interviews with FIA President Jean Todt and Nico Prost, son of four-time Formula One World Champion, Alain Prost.

Di Grassi’s thoughts on the upcoming Paris ePrix this weekend:

“I think it’s the dream city for us to have a Formula E race. It’s a few hundred meters from the Eiffel Tower, we’re going to have an amazing background. The race is completely sold out, and the track looks really amazing and challenging. So I think it will be a technical challenge but at the same time I think everybody is going to enjoy the event.”

And how would drivers like Sebastan Vettel and Lewis Hamilton fare in Formula E?

“They would have a hard time coming to Formula E… They are fantastic drivers, they are the most talented drivers of our generation and maybe, I would say, almost our lifetime, but if they come to Formula E they would find it hard. They will have to learn the tracks, because all the tracks are brand-new, they are all city tracks, you cannot practise on the tracks. Because you cannot close Paris and say, ‘Okay, I want to practice’. I think I will invite them to come to race, even if it’s just one race, and see how it is. I’m sure they would be tough competition, but they would have a hard time.”

Was your disqualification at the Mexico ePrix easy to get over?

“Not really… In Mexico, which was a great event, we had 40,000 people, the podium was just amazing. And to have that victory taken away from me again because of 1.5 kilos… it was an honest mistake – and we didn’t win the race because of that. More than myself, the team was very frustrated, and to come back from that with another victory and taking the lead of the championship was the best reward I could have and my team also.”

Tune in to Supercharged, covering the Paris ePrix on Saturday 30th April on CNN International at 2030 BST. The show also airs at the following times:

  • Sunday 1 May at 0130 BST and 0830 BST
  • Monday 2 May at 0430 BST
  • Tuesday 3 May at 1030 BST
  • Wednesday 4 May at 0430 BST and 0930 BST

Source; CNN / CNN World Sport