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The Venturi Formula E Team was founded by an unlikely pairing of well known French automotive brand, Venturi Automobiles, and world famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Venturi Automobiles is a revived incarnation of the past great “French Ferrari” and is now solely focussed on electric vehicles. Based in Monaco, the brand has most notably put their names down in the record books by claiming the world’s fastest electric vehicle, travelling at an incredible speed of 307mph. Venturi haven’t rested on their laurels though, and are returning to the salt flats to make another attempt at beating their own world record. It should be remembered that the land speed record for petrol cars is a mere 403mph – via direct drive, which is the only fair comparison. Higher speeds have been attained via jet and/or rocket propulsion. Electric direct drive records are therefore closing in on the fastest direct drive petrol engined vehicles.

Venturi are planning to design and build their own Formula E car for the second season, possibly using the technology and experience gained from their record breaking attempts.

Venturi have signed both their drivers; Nick Heidfeld and Stéphane Sarrazin.

Key Personnel:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Founder
Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Founder
Francesco Costa, Founder
Bert Hedaya, Founder


Venturi - FIA Formula E Global Launch Event