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Toyota’s Teased Hybrid-R, is a Yaris!

Toyota finally unveils the vehicle they’ve been teasing to us over the last couple of weeks, as being the Toyota Hybrid-R Yaris.  Points to those who guessed correctly from the scant details previously provided, as can be seen in these two previous posts: “New Toyota Hybrid-R Concept at Frankfurt Motorshow” and “More tease details on Toyota Hybrid-R released“.

Alongside the Yaris concept will be Toyota’s vision for the future of hybrids, their Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle technology which Toyota say will debut in a production vehicle by 2015.

Using hydrogen as the fuel cell power source, Toyota believes this tech to be the best chance of creating the ultimate zero emission vehicle especially considering recent developments in possible production methods to extract hydrogen from water using only the power of the sun, this is a viable belief for a few years time should “sunshine towers” be built.

Toyota has sold a staggering 5.5 million hybrid vehicles since the original Prius launch in Japan in 1997, though they have been working on the technology as far back as the 1960’s.

Amassing that number of sales is no small feat for any manufacture, let alone purely hybrid sales and we think the bigger question is just what impact those hybrid sales might have had on the environment – seeing as that is the whole point in a hybrid, to save fuel over a standard IC (internal combustion) engine.  As luck would have it, Toyota thought the same as us and provided the following statistic; Toyota calculates that its global hybrid fleet has already saved 12 billion litres of fuel and 34 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, compared to the same number of equivalent, conventionally powered vehicles..  Impressive numbers we think you’ll agree.

Toyota have gone further in saying they are aiming to introduce a further 16 new or revamped hybrid models over the next two years.

Toyota and their Hybrid-R Yaris concept will be at the Frankfurt motor show in Hall 8.

Below are more specific details about the Yaris Hybrid-R concept and Toyota’s vision for the future;

Yaris Hybrid-R concept

Frankfurt will mark the world debut of the new Yaris Hybrid-R concept, created as a showcase for possible future hybrid development ideas that can deliver greater performance and driver rewards.

Based on the three-door Yaris, Hybrid-R features a 1.6-litre GRE (Global Race Engine) developed by Toyota Motorsport, combined with two powerful electric motors that give the car intelligent all-wheel drive capability. Using technology like that featured in Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid race car, energy recovered under braking is stored in a super capacitor, a unit that’s particularly suitable for use in a sports car thanks to its high power density and quick charge/discharge speeds.

The result is a highly focused machine, designed to deliver the maximum driving pleasure, both on road and track.

Fuel cell technology: next steps towards the ultimate zero-emission car

Toyota will show the latest status of its Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV) technology at Frankfurt, ahead of the market launch of a production car by 2015. Toyota considers the energy and emissions benefits make this the best technology yet to deliver the ultimate zero-emission car, with hydrogen as an ideal, ultra-clean energy source.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R
Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R

Source; Toyota