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Tesla Supercharges Their Superchargers Across Europe

Only a couple of days ago we posted news about Tesla, their Model S and the increasing number of Supercharger free electric charging stations they’re busy installing across Europe. Today, we can reveal a little more detail and specifically name the countries and show a map of where the chargers are likely to be positioned, in key areas allowing for greater movement throughout Europe with a Model S.

It is worth noting that Model S owners can charge their car at other places, but the Superchargers are a very fast way to charge and in the future there is a possibility for battery swapping, though that remains to be seen despite the technology and Tesla’s capability to do so already existing.

More European routes will be switched on in the coming months, providing coverage well within the Model S rated range of 300 miles (502 km) per charge. By the end of 2014, 100 percent of the population of Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg will live within 200 miles (320 km) of a Supercharger station.

About 90 percent of the population in England, Wales, France, Italy, and Sweden will also live within the same distance of a Tesla Supercharger station within the same time frame.

Tesla European Wide Supercharger Spread
Tesla European Wide Supercharger Spread

Tesla Superchargers are capable of charging Model S 20x faster than most conventional charging stations. Superchargers provide half a charge in about 20 minutes, delivering up to 120 kW DC (Direct Current) power directly to the Model S battery.

Further information about individual locations will be released closer to the time of launch.  If you’re an existing Model S owner, you’ll receive an invitation to the opening ceremony to mark the launch of a Supercharger within your region soon.

Tesla are welcoming orders and test drive bookings via their website (links below) but sadly United Kingdom does not yet feature on the European website list, nor is it available via the GB website either. This is likely to change when there is a right hand drive version of Model S and the Tesla London Vision store is officially opened. For our European friends on the other hand, or those not bothered by driving a left hand drive, a 2000€ deposit is all that’s required to place your order online.

For all other European countries; Book Model S Test Drive. Order a Tesla Model S.

Watch the Tesla Supercharger video from Norway below or for further information on charging and supercharging visit the Tesla Motors EU website.

Source; Tesla Motors