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Tesla Open 100th Supercharger

Globally, Tesla now have 100 Supercharger stations, capable of recharging Model S vehicles in around 20 minutes to 80% from zero. The Superchargers are strategically located to allow for long journeys to be completed by Tesla owners, the aim being that no Model S owner lives further away from a Supercharger station than the range of the vehicle permits.

Although touted as ‘free’, the Tesla Superchargers are an option on the base Model S 60 vehicle costing £2,000 to add the service to the car. The more expensive models offered in the line-up include access to the Supercharger network, though to call it free is something of a misnomer since those models cost much more than the base model but the Supercharger price is swallowed into this.

More and more Superchargers are planned with an ultimate network to exist across Europe, America and Asia. At present there are 86 Supercharger stations in North America, 17 in Europe and two in China.

The latest stations to open or be opened are, Irxleben, Munchberg, Lutterberg, Regensburg-Ost and Gramschatzer Wald in Germany. Vienna in Austria and Middelfart & Randers in Denmark. Lutterberg, Regensburg-Ost, Gramschatzer Wald and Randers are all due to open sometime in June whereas Middelfart should be open by the end of May.

Tesla European Supercharger Network Expansion

Source; Tesla.