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Tesla Model S Facelift & Other Improvements

Tesla has facelifted their popular Model S, bringing it in-line with the Model X and 3 designs, which feature no “grille”. Original critics of the Model S design queried Tesla’s decision to make the car look “normal” by giving it a large black nose that kept it in-line with conventional automotive design.

The critics have been answered with the new facelift Model S nose being both neater and losing its “conventional” look. Model S was always, in our opinion, a good looking car but with the facelift Model S now looks more part of the family and has been given Tesla’s identifying features.

Refreshingly, Tesla has listened to their customers and has kept changes to a minimum. Improvements outside are pretty well confined only to the nose. Meanwhile, the interior too has had minor upgrades. The centre console tray that used to spew items around the cabin as quickly as Model S accelerates from 0-62mph.

Apparently, new interior options must have been on the wish-list of many customers and Tesla has introduced two new wood trims, Dark Ash Wood (free option) and Figured Ash Wood Décor (£650 option).

Under the skin, the only major improvement really is the charging rate has been upped from 40Amps to 48Amps, which means even speedier Supercharging and the interior air purification system has been improved in-line with the Model X’s “anti-bioweapon” safe HEPA air filtration system. The system is said to be 100 times more effective than premium automotive filters.

Aside from that, nothing much is new to shout about and there’s no “100” [kWh battery] version, at least not yet.

The Model S range now consists four different drive/power combinations, the 70, 70D, 90D and range-topping P90D. Prices start from £58,300 (inc. VAT, exc. government plug-in car grant & delivery fee £380).