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Tesla Introduces New Base Model X 60D

Tesla has today launched the cheapest variant of the Model X SUV, the all-wheel drive Model X 60D. Starting at £64,100 (after government incentive of £4,500) or £503 per month*, the Model X 60D delivers 220 miles (NEDC) estimated range, a top speed of 130 mph and zero-to-60 mph acceleration of 6.0 seconds.

The 60D follows the recently launched Tesla Model S 60D, and both are equipped as standard with a 75kWh lithium-ion battery that can be upgraded to from the 60kWh limited battery capacity via software at a later date should the owner wish. Likewise, Autopilot hardware is installed and can be activated for a fee at any time.

If placing your order before the 15th July through the Tesla Referral Programme you’ll get a £750 credit towards the purchase. All that’s needed is a special personal code from any Tesla owner and enter it in at the time of purchase.

To find out more about the latest Model X 60D and other Tesla, click the following link:

Tesla Model X

Source; Tesla Motors