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Leafy London – Long Term Update

So, range anxiety is the thing holding you back from buying an electric car, right? It’s one of the most frequent excuses given to not considering an electric car and, I have to say, understandably so. The fear of not being able to reach your destination and the ramifications that brings with it aren’t exactly enticing. I’d love to tell you that running out of range is a wonderous experience that isn’t filled with grief or difficulty… but I can’t. The reason I can’t, is because I have never run out of range in an electric car.

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Gade car park, Source East 7kWh, Watford

Living the High Leaf – Long Term Update

One week into Leaf ownership and the car has already proved a more than useful tool. Of course, being accustomed the ways of an EV and familiar with charging helps but it doesn’t take anything away from the fact that electric cars just work.

So far, 136.3 miles into my time with the Leaf and my total expenditure on “fuel” has been a mere £1.35. Why? That’s because I’ve only charged the Leaf up once at home and that means it’s working out as roughly 1p/mile travelled. This impressive figure is, of course, only…

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