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Switched to a Hybrid? Keep driving for even longer with Redex

Redex, one of the UK’s best known fuel additive brands, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product within the range; Redex Hybrid. Formulated specifically for use in hybrid direct-injection engines, the latest product is the only standalone fuel additive available for use in hybrid engines with options for both petrol and diesel cars. Redex Hybrid fuel system cleaners remove harmful deposits that can build up in engines, leading to reduced emissions and saving fuel.

Carl Ebanks, from Redex said: “Since 1922 Redex has continued to be at the forefront of engine technology. With this in mind, Redex Hybrid fuel additive is specifically formulated for modern hybrid petrol and diesel engines to make your fuel go further and improve the life of your engine.”

Both Redex Hybrid Petrol System Cleaner and Redex Hybrid Diesel System Cleaner cleanse the fuel system in your car, preventing the buildup of harmful deposits on fuel injectors. With direct injection hybrid engines, very small amounts of deposits can have a big impact. Redex Hybrid fuel system cleaners saves fuel, reduces emissions and, ultimately, improves the life of your engine.

To further promote the launch of the new range, Redex have installed new and educational POS material in Halfords, educating potential new consumers on why they should use Redex fuel additives and making it easier to decide which additive is right for them. The new Redex Hybrid is available in from Halfords priced at £5 per bottle.

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Redex Hybrid Petrol System Cleaner 250ml

Source; Redex