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Supercar Manufacturer Saleen, Ventures into All Electric Drive

Saleen Automotive, is an American speciality manufacturer of high performance vehicles, perhaps best known for their S7 supercar which featured in well known global advertisements for a popular men’s razor. Saleen also produce technical performance parts, lifestyle accessories and apparel so you’d be forgiven if you are surprised by their following announcement:

“Saleen is pleased to announce that the company has added legendary electric car developers, AC Propulsion, to its design team for the new Saleen Electric vehicle. AC Propulsion will provide the technology and implementation of the powertrain and battery for the project.”

As mentioned above, Saleen are known for their vee-eight powered muscular supercars, so this news was quite unexpected. Following the gas guzzling traits often associated with American motoring, Saleen has, until now, been no different. However, you could argue that modern supercars are becoming more and more like showcases for latest engineering developments and included in that are of course prime examples; McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. It is not longer the case that a supercar is merely a slippery exterior design mated to the largest engine the team were able to find.

As their name suggests, AC Propulsion, specialises in alternating current based drivetrain systems for electric vehicles. The company produces electric vehicle drive systems featuring high performance, high efficiency induction motors and integrated high power battery charging. The company gained notoriety as having provided its proprietary technology to the Tesla Roadster, which was developed by Tesla Motors to mass-produce AC Propulsion’s tzero concept car. Lesser known is AC Propulsion’s work with BMW to produce the all electric Mini E.

Steve Saleen, CEO, Saleen Automotive, said:

“We are assembling a team and vehicle that combines the finest technology and design available. AC Propulsion is a proven leader and seminal thinker in electric car creation and we believe will greatly assist us in introducing a revolutionary vehicle to the market. I believe we have secured the very best partner possible for our powertrain and battery.”

Paul Carosa, President, AC Propulsion, said:

“AC Propulsion is excited to partner with automotive legend Steve Saleen for his new electric vehicle project. Mr. Saleen is on the verge of creating a vehicle unlike any on the market today, a tremendous new entry in the fast growing electric car market that lives up to the Saleen name and reputation. We’ll do our part to make it even better.”

Saleen Electric Drive

Source; Saleen Automotive, Inc.