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SPARK Announces Formula E Consortium

Spark Racing Technology (SPARK) today officially announced the creation of a consortium dedicated to their project as car supplier to FIA Formula E Championship, which will be launched in 2014. Further to the decision of the world council (28th June 2013),the FIA had approved SPARK’s application for homologation as the supplier of all the electrical single-seaters to the first season of Formula E Championship.

Carmaker, SPARK has designed and will provide 42 cars Spark-Renault powered solely by electricity to compete in the heart of major cities all over the world.

New Formula E car - 3D rendering - Front Quarter
New Formula E car – 3D rendering – Front Quarter

In collaboration with Dallara, SPARK will design the monocoque. The Spark-Renault SRT_01E’s aerodynamics have been developed using SPARK’s own extensive knowledge and expertise. The car as a whole (suspension, aerodynamics, brakes…) has been the subject of a careful study and made to specifications that combine performance, reliability and balance between all aerodynamic and mechanical properties.

SPARK also oversaw the performance of the gearbox and the design of the cooling systems for the battery and motor, in coordination with its technical partners.

Like any ambitious car manufacturer SPARK chose to surround their project with the best technical partners to guarantee its success in this new championship, labeled by the FIA and organized by Formula E Holding (FEH). Therefore SPARK used all its energy and expertise to personally sign partnership agreements with some very highly specialized companies. The consortium developed by SPARK includes five members and each is in charge of one mission. The addition of these five skills will soon emerge on the first cars to compete in the FIA Formula E Championship.


Renault: Powertrain architecture, systems integration, powertrain electrical safety & performance optimization Williams:Design, manufacture and assembly of batteries and their battery management systems.
McLaren Electronic Systems: Development, manufacture and supply of electric motor, gearbox and power & control electronics.
Dallara: Design and construction of the monocoque
SPARK: Car design and conception (chassis, aerodynamics, assembly, suspension)