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Rockingham Installs EV Charging Points

Four Siemens electric vehicle charging units have been installed at Rockingham motor racing circuit in Northamptonshire, allowing for up to eight vehicles to be plugged in at any one time.

The Siemens charging points output 22kw/h at 32amp and are Type 2 (mode 3) fast/rapid chargers in line with what Siemens provided to Corby council for the Electric Corby Project in conjunction with the Plugged-in-Midlands scheme, allowing for vastly reduced charge times for most electric cars via their CP500A AC series fast/rapid chargers.

Siemens CP500A Electric Vehicle Charge Point
Siemens CP500A Electric Vehicle Charge Point

Positioned at four separate locations around the racetrack, including both the inner and outer paddocks, the charge points are free to use by both the general public and track users (dependant on accessibility). Rockingham will even supply you with the necessary cable should you have forgotten to bring your own, or are missing the correct type.

Rockingham motor racing circuit is keen to support the rapidly expanding market for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by offering availability of their facilities to OEMs, EV technology companies, event organisers and press testing who are developing, evaluating or wanting to demonstrate EV products.

Alongside the new charging points, Rockingham already has an impressive wealth of facilities to offer such as 13 different track configurations (including the UK’s only banked Oval circuit), state-of-the-art wet grip area with kick-plate, an 80-acre outdoor showground and indoor exhibition/conference facilities all conveniently at a central UK location.

Peter Hardman, chief executive at Rockingham said,

“We believe it’s vital to recognise the increasing importance of low carbon vehicles in the UK so we are now really pleased to be the leading race circuit in the UK to have permanent electric vehicle charging points on site. As a business we are committed to developing and increasing our facilities for the needs of OEM’s and manufacturers using the track and the diversity of what we can offer here at Rockingham means it is an ideal location for automotive testing and events.”

With the installation of the charging points, Rockingham is now one of the major local businesses based in Corby to lend its support to the Electric Corby Initiative. The initiative aims to make Corby one of the most environmentally and economically sustainable areas in the country by increasing the use of renewable energy.

Source; Rockingham & Automotive PR