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Renault ZOE Wins 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally

The 6th ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally (Zero Emissions, No Noise) is a prestigious motorsport competition open exclusively to electric cars with a range of under 250 km.

Like its renowned parent competition, the Monte-Carlo Rally, the ZENN Rally is run in the Principality of Monaco. Competing in regularity events and stopping off at charging stations, drivers snaked along the famous winding mountain passes of Col de la Madone, Saint-Agnès, Breil-sur-Roya and Sospel.

Renault’s ZOE picked up the top four positions after driving seven hours and enduring 130 miles of stunning scenery. This year saw 13 entrants in the ZENN rally and included the Kia Soul EV and Nissan LEAF. ZOE’s winnings were as follows:

  • First in the overall standings of the ZENN Rally.
  • Four ZOE in the top four places in the overall standings.
  • First in the consumption standings.
  • Five ZOE in the top five places in the consumption standings.
  • First in the regularity standings.
  • Four ZOE in the top four places in the regularity standings.

2015 ZENN Rally Monte-Carlo

With eight racing zones punctuated with five regularity tests in this year’s ZENN Monte-Carlo Rally, the competitors drove a total of 130 miles over seven and a half hours.  Renault entered four teams, including a press car and a blogger car. A team of individuals also took part in the rally on an individual initiative alongside the competing brands.

At the conclusion of the two-day race, these five ZOE finished in first, second, third, fourth and seventh place. The ‘individual’ team finished fourth.

Visitors from around the world attended the race start and finish lines at the Port of Monaco. They were also able to visit the ‘electric’ village, which featured a range of exhibitions, vehicle test drives and special installations on the theme of tomorrow’s automobile and sustainable development. A manoeuvrability contest was also held on the morning of 22 March at the southern harbour of the Port of Monaco.

For full results, see:

More EV action will take place at the famous Monte-Carlo circuit Monaco, when Formula E takes place there on the 9 May 2015.

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Source; Renault & ZENN Rally