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Renault ZOE Electric Car

Renault ZOE Electric Car
Renault ZOE Electric Car

ZOE, the flagship of Renault’s Z.E. (Zero Emissions) range is a fun-to-drive, efficient and practical five-seat, five-door alternative to traditional ICE (internal combustion engine) superminis – it just happens to be electric!

  • ZOE brings the quietness, refinement and responsiveness of an EV to one of the largest UK market segments in a technically advanced, stylish package that is affordable to buy and run
  • “Real world” range of between 62 and 93 miles, according to several factors, more than adequate to cover 83% of typical supermini journeys. Average annual mileage in the class is 7,800: just 30 miles per working day, making it ideally suited to electric vehicle usage
  • More than 60 patents were filed during ZOE’s development and the car boasts six significant world first achievements, from the longest homologated driving range (130 miles NEDC – New European Driving Cycle) for a mass-produced EV, to unrivalled, flexible and fast charging options
  • Unique, patented Chameleon charger allows ZOE to be charged at different power levels using the same socket, enabling drivers to take advantage of a wide range of charging points– including the ability to 80% charge in half an hour
  • Renault range OptimiZEr maximises everyday driving range, bringing together benefits of Michelin Energy™ E-V tyres, an air conditioning heat pump and new-generation regenerative braking technology to extend range by up to 25%
  • Designed from the outset as a 100% electric vehicle, ZOE delivers a balanced chassis and smooth, comfortable ride, with specific chassis, steering and suspension design and calibration
  • Quiet and refined 65kW (87hp) electric motor delivers instant torque of 220Nm for quick-off-the-line performance and excellent acceleration at urban and suburban speeds
  • Z.E. Voice function provides sound alert to pedestrians at low speed
  • True to Renault’s excellent safety reputation, ZOE has achieved the highest five-star rating in Euro NCAP crash testing
  • Reduced ownership costs thanks to low maintenance electric motor and fewer components needing servicing or replacement
  • Intensive testing programme ensures ZOE is as strong and durable as any ICE vehicle, including specific, rigorous testing of the battery pack
  • ZOE is first Renault model to be equipped as standard with the R-Link integrated, connected multimedia tablet, including 7” touchscreen, voice command, navigation, Bluetooth and access to on-board apps
  • Z.E. Connect and Z.E. Inter@ctive enable remote monitoring of battery charging (smartphone and laptop) and vehicle range
  • Z.E. Inter@ctive allows remote programming of the heating and battery charging functions
  • ECO mode as standard adapts motor performance and heating/air conditioning to maximise range
  • Pre-conditioning function, standard on all versions allows cabin to be cooled or warmed while charging, before the driver gets to the vehicle, bringing luxury car features to the segment
  • ‘Take Care package’ safeguards air quality against smells and pollution and maintains humidity levels
  • Three trim levels – Expression, Dynamique Zen and Dynamique Intens
  • Standard features on Expression include R-Link, climate control, cruise control, speed limiter, ESC with ASR traction control and understeer control, Hill Start Assist, six airbags, front electric windows, Renault keycard,  4 x 20W audio system and Z.E. Connect
  • Both Dynamique versions feature 16” alloys, handsfree keycard, 4 x 35W Arkamys audio system, automatic headlights and wipers, rear parking sensors, front and rear electric windows and Z.E. Inter@ctive
  • Dynamique Zen promotes a calm and well-being with Teflon coated upholstery and trim, active scent diffuser, ioniser and toxicity sensor,
  • Dynamique Intens provides a dark cabin theme, plus rear parking camera
  • All ZOE covered by the Renault 4+ warranty, servicing and roadside assistance package, with additional five-year/100,00-mile warranty for the electric powertrain and a lifetime guarantee for the battery
  • 7kW Domestic Wall-Box charging point installed by British Gas included with every ZOE
  • Launch prices from £13,995, taking into account Government’s Plug-in Car Grant incentive. Battery hire from £70 per month, varying according to contract duration and mileage

Renault filed more than 60 patents during ZOE’s development, and the car can boast five world first achievements: –

  • The first production electric vehicle with a homologated range of more than 130 miles on a full battery charge (NEDC figure).
  • The longest real-world driving range in its category, between 62 and 93 miles according to driving style and weather conditions. This range is made possible thanks to Renault’s Range OptimiZEr system, which boosts ZOE’s capability in all driving conditions.
  • Can be charged in between 30 minutes and nine hours depending on the power of the charging station (between 3 and 43kW). Thanks to Renault’s patented Chameleon charger, it can be charged at different power levels, through the same connection socket.
  • ZOE can be rapid-charged, with 80% of a full battery charge possible in 30 minutes from a 43kW AC supply
  • The first Renault model to be fitted as standard with Renault’s R-Link integrated, connected multimedia tablet.

ZOE was the first supermini to be designed from the outset entirely as an all-electric vehicle, so the supermini is cleverly packaged, with a strong individual character in its clean and flowing lines. The front end displays Renault’s new family brand identity and has been brought together to present friendly, appealing looks. The blue tinge to the diamond badge, the headlamps and dark-tinted windows are the details that identify it as an electric car. Inside, the aim has been to create a relaxing driving environment.

Renault R-Link

ZOE is the first model to be equipped as standard with Renault R-Link, an integrated, connected multimedia system that gives easy access to wide range of information, communications and entertainment functions through its 7” touchscreen. These include navigation, radio, telephone, Bluetooth audio streaming, music, portable device connection and connected services.

Commands for some functions can also be made using its intuitive voice recognition facility, including instructions for phone calls or viewing apps and email on-screen.

On ZOE, R-Link provides a number of features dedicated to electric vehicle driving, such as the ‘range bubble’ on the TomTom Z.E. LIVE navigation system with a radius determined by the vehicle’s remaining range. When the driver enters a destination, the system will indicate whether the vehicle has sufficient charge to make the journey; if not, it will give directions to a convenient charging point on the way.. It can also suggest the most economical routes in terms of energy use and display charging stations close to the vehicle’s location, or at its destination.

R-Link is connected to the vehicle’s ECU, enabling further new functions. Drivers can monitor their car’s energy consumption in real time, or the energy flow between the battery and vehicle systems such as the electric motor, air conditioning and heating.

Once they have arrived at their destination, drivers can assess their eco-driving performance using the Driving eco2 function, which analyses the driving style and gives tips on how range and efficiency might be improved.

Cabin Pre-Conditioning

Using ZOE’s pre-conditioning function, the cabin can be cooled or warmed to a pre-selected temperature when the car is connected to a charging station, at a time to suit the owner. The timing can be set using the R-link integrated tablet, or remotely using a computer or smartphone on vehicles equipped with Z.E. Inter@ctive.


Electric motor

ZOE’s synchronous electric motor, with rotor coil, delivers excellent energy efficiency in all phases of use. With a maximum output of 65kW (88hp) and near-instantaneous maximum torque of 220Nm available in less than one-hundredth of a second, it provides strong acceleration and pick-up from the lowest engine speeds. Acceleration from 0 to 31 mph (common in urban driving) takes just four seconds; top speed is limited to 84 mph.

Acceleration is smooth and linear, thanks to the reduction gear, which transmits the rotational speed of the motor to the wheels, without a clutch or converter. For the driver the experience can be likened to having the smoothest automatic gearbox.

The silent operation and absence of vibration makes for a calm and relaxing environment on board. The car is particularly quiet at speeds up to 25 mph, above which the noise heard is mainly from the wheels on the road and the airflow over the bodywork. At speeds between 25 and 50 mph, the noise level in the cabin is between 60 and 65 dB, which is between two and three times less than an ICE vehicle with comparable power.

Driving Range

ZOE is likely to cover between 62 and 93 miles on a full battery charge, depending on driving style and weather conditions. It is the first production electric vehicle to have a homologated range of 130 miles, according to testing on the standardised New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).  This strong performance can be attributed to the Renault’s Range OptimiZEr system that’s fitted to all ZOE models and allows real-world driving distance to be boosted by almost 25%, further than any other car in its category.

The Range OptimiZEr features three technical innovations, each making an equal one-third contribution to increasing ZOE’s range: new-generation regenerative breaking; a heat pump; and Michelin Energy™ E-V tyres (details below).

Drivers can also contribute to maximising ZOE’s range, both by adapting the way they drive and by making use of on-board systems and aids.

Adopting an eco-approach at the wheel can improve the range by an average 16%, for example by anticipating the road ahead, using a more relaxed driving style and using engine braking.

The dashboard instruments and the R-Link multimedia system provide helpful information to manage the journey, monitor vehicle range and plan the most effective charging, and switching the car to Eco mode can increase driving by 10%. Using the pre-conditioning function to warm up the cabin before setting off (see above) also has a positive effect on the distance that can be covered.

Michelin Energy™ E-V Tyres

Renault ZOE is the first vehicle to be fitted as standard with Michelin’s new highly energy efficient tyres. Not only do they provide energy savings, safety and hard-wearing performance, they are designed to reduce the high energy losses from rolling resistance, while handling the sharp acceleration that’s a characteristic of electric vehicles.

Domestic Wall-Box Included

Renault is one of the first manufacturers in the UK to offer customers a free domestic charging point – included in the purchase price for ZOE. The 32-amp (7kW)  Wall-Box, supplied and installed by Renault’s preferred UK EV infrastructure partner, British Gas, is available both to all ZOE buyers. It can be fitted internally or externally to the customer’s property.

The offer takes advantage of the 75% funding support on home wall-boxes within the UK Government’s £37 million support for increasing electric vehicle take-up, with Renault covering the remainder of the cost.

British Gas will install the wall-box at a time convenient for the customer, at any UK residential address with off road parking and a GPRS signal. It comes with an attached lead and includes free access to a public charging network across the UK.

On sale in the UK now (launch date 7th June 2013) from £13,995.

Source; Renault UK