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Renault Helps Consolidate EV Charging

Renault and some important institutions* in France have setup GIREVE SAS which, in French stands for, Groupement pour l’Itinérance des Recharges Électriques de Véhicules which roughly translates to Group for Roaming Electric Vehicle Recharging.  Interestingly enough, the word GIREVE sounds like, “Je reve” which in French means “I dream“.

GIREVE’s remit is to facilitate the use of public-access electric charging stations by making them visible, accessible and inter-operable for all users, thereby removing an obstacle to the development of electro-mobility in France and Europe.

Toward an “à la carte” service package

GIREVE will set up a shared data management platform for electro-mobility players to foster the development of electric vehicle charging services, including:

  • the localization of public charging stations using navigation services on GPS devices, smartphones and the internet;
  • information on charging station availability and reservation facilities;
  • the possibility of charging and paying for the service even when the station is not operated by the user’s regular operator;
  • and all the other services made possible through transactions between operators on the new platform.

Users will be able to charge their vehicles freely and easily, serving to promote the development of electric mobility and increase the use of charging stations.

Large-scale dialogue

GIREVE will handle dialogue with all interested players in France and abroad, with a view to adapting services to needs and making sure that solutions are compatible with the electric mobility ecosystems that it will help to develop.

Initially, a nationwide charging directory will be set up to provide operators with precise data with which to develop their services for users. Data exchange standards compatible with other European countries will be rolled out to extend inter-operator communication to cross-border travel.

GIREVE will be available to support local authorities and charging infrastructure developers in their projects, the aim being to ensure that solutions are compatible with inter-operability standards and to record data on the exchange platform.

*The important institutions mentioned in the first paragraph of this article are; Caisse des Dépôts, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, EDF, ERDF, and Renault. GIREVE SA company was created on 12th July 2013 in accordance with an agreement signed on 3rd October 2012 under the leadership of France’s Industrial Renewal, Environment and Energy, and Transport ministries coinciding with the launch of the Hirtzman mission.

Source; Renault