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Recharge your EV in five minutes? No problem, says Zapgo

ZapGo ( an Oxford based technology company has announced a new fast charge technology that will typically charge a mobile device in just five minutes, without the risk of it catching fire.

At the heart of this technology is a new type of ‘supercapacitor’ using carbon nano-structures including graphene, materials that are superb conductors, super light and a hundred thousand times thinner than a human hair. They charge ultra-fast and are totally non-flammable, unlike slow-charging lithium-ion batteries.

The technology is touted to deliver a revolutionary improvement in battery life for a range of customers with rechargeable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers, cordless power tools, robot cleaners and electric vehicles – basically anything with battery power.

The supercapacitors are the result of three years’ development work by the 20-strong ZapGo team based at the Harwell Science & Technology Campus near Oxford.

With the support of $7.6m (£6.25m) recently raised from private investors in America, ZapGo is on target to set up its first production facility in a 15,000 sq. ft. facility at Harwell during 2017. With the help of further funding high volume production is planned for 2018. This recent funding brings the total raised to $10m (£8.25m). Chief Executive Stephen Voller said:

“It’s a fact of modern life that we demand that our mobile devices, phones, power tools or whatever, work harder for longer. This puts a tremendous strain on existing battery technology, increasing their chance of overheating and even catching fire. Our new fast charge technology is based on the consumer’s appetite for charging their devices more quickly. By developing a stable non-flammable compound our power packs will push the boundaries of charging beyond the capabilities of lithium-ion but always remain safe.”

Source; ZapGo