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PSA Unveils Electric & Hybrid Plans for the Future

PSA Group has finally unveiled their electrification strategy plans at the “Innovation Day” event held today, on 25 May 2016. In order to meet all its customers’ needs and to keep costs low while offering a well-developed platform from which to offer electrified chassis, PSA Group has consolidated the development of its electric and hybrid models to two global modular platforms. This will allow PSA to offer a wide range of internal combustion, electric and plug-in hybrid petrol models with the first hitting the road from 2019. Both platforms will be compatible with the manufacturing resources put in place as part of the Plant of the Future programme.

The Common Modular Platform (CMP), which was developed in partnership with Chinese DFM (Dongfeng Motors), is dedicated to compact city cars, core saloon cars and compact SUVs. The all-electric e-CMP format co-financed by PSA Group and DFM will allow the two partners to offer a new generation of multi-purpose electric vehicles combining interior space with a driving range of up to an impressive 280 miles (450 km) with ultra-fast charging solutions that can provide up to 7.5 miles (12 km) driving range per minute of charging. Four electric models will be introduced by 2021, the first of which will reach the market in 2019.

The Efficient Modular Platform (EMP2), which is dedicated to compact and premium models was launched first in 2013 with the new Citroën C4 Picasso and Peugeot 308 and then in 2014 in China. From 2019 onwards, its innovative design features will enable the deployment of the first PSA group plug-in hybrid petrol models equipped with the best of hybrid technology as follows:

  • SUVs and CUVs with high-performance electric four-wheel drive.
  • A 37 mile (60 km) driving range in all-electric mode.
  • A large interior that does not compromise on passenger comfort or boot space.
  • Leading fuel efficiency in urban driving conditions (40% efficiency gains versus non-hybrid internal combustion models).

To facilitate use the plug-in hybrid models will come with a four-hour charging system – or in other words 16Amps most likely – as well as a rapid recharging option to charge in less than two hours. From the video, it looks like PSA will employ CCS standard rather than CHAdeMO. In total, seven plug-in hybrid vehicles will be introduced between 2019 and 2021. On Innovation Day, Gilles Le Borgne said:

“These next-generation hybrid and electric technologies will complement our range of internal combustion engines, thereby enabling PSA Group to offer its customers a diversified line-up of technologies that meet all of their mobility needs. This innovative strategy clearly demonstrates the Group’s commitment to global, sustainable solutions that will allow us to take on the energy transition challenge.”

Source; PSA Group | Peugeot | Citroen | DS Automobiles | Dongfeng