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Production Ready Chevrolet Bolt EV Revealed at CES

Heralded as a ground breaking blank canvas approach to an electric car design, Chevrolet has pulled back the sheets to reveal the production version of the Bolt EV. Key details include a 200 mile range and a sub $30,000 price. Stuart Norris, managing director of Design said,

“We were given a blank canvas – a rare opportunity with a unique platform to recast EV design for customers across the spectrum. The team answered the challenge with a progressive design distinguished by dramatic graphics and exceptional passenger space.”

Performance specifications aside from range as well as worldwide availability is yet to be announced, with the company merely stating Bolt EV will be available in 2017 with production commencing at the end of 2016.

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2017

Style wise, audience reception was mixed. Some applauded Chevrolet for designing the Bolt EV to appear much like a normal hatchback, whereas others had hoped for a more unique design away from what petrol and diesel cars have largely dictated thanks to their packaging constraints.

However, the emphasis has been on creating space within the interior as the electric components and battery are all in the lower chassis, as is fast becoming convention for electric cars. Seating is upright in, “SUV-like” style with a panoramic glass roof that brings light into the cabin.

Practicality has been high on the agenda too, with Chevrolet ensuring ease of access to the cabin and a large boot aperture. Bolt EV offers seating for five passengers and 16.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat. Norris continued,

“The flat-pack orientation offered the flexibility to make the most of the proportions while creating a clean, sculpted design. This really opened up the interior and created a fantastic view from every seating position. All of this additional space gave us a lot of opportunities to play with creative design and storage solutions.”

A “floating” instrument panel, for example, features a 10.2-inch-diagonal capacitive-touch control screen which creates a horizontal feel to the interior. Maximizing knee room and cross-vehicle spaciousness.

Additionally, a multi-purpose, connected centre console features side-by-side cupholders, a wireless charging location and a sliding armrest covering a storage compartment large enough to store a tablet device.

“The Bolt EV’s design elements are designed for everyday life and the space inside accommodates it all, whether you and your friends go shopping for the day or take off for the weekend. Inside and out, this game-changing vehicle makes a dramatic statement with a distinctive identity that can only be a Chevy and challenges expectations for what an affordable EV can offer.”

Source; Chevrolet