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Nissan Sells 3,000th LEAF Electric Car in the UK

Selling their 3,000th LEAF electric vehicle (EV), Nissan has marked itself as the electric car leader in the UK.

The car maker hit the landmark in November when a total of 141 new British-built LEAFs were registered at dealerships across the country.

Although the figures are very low for a production car, they do at least show things are on the up in electric car sales and Nissan have managed to gain a steady followin for their principle electric car. Sales of their electric van, the eNV200 will be interesting to see since they are for, mostly, a different market being trades and services rather than commuters.

Only two years after the LEAF initial launch, Nissan’s second generation LEAF, which went on sale in May 2013 with more than 100 improvements over its predecessor, has secured more than 1,300 UK sales in just six months – a clear indication that sales are picking up since that is nearly four times faster than with the LEAF mk1.

Nissan LEAF sales

Jon Pollock, Sales Director at Nissan GB said:

“The LEAF is a true pioneer in every sense and in its lifetime it’s already done a huge amount to change attitudes and open minds in the UK and across the world.

The fact the we have been able to reach the 3,000 mark is a fantastic achievement and shows not only what a wonderful car it is but also that motorists are keen to experience the revolutionary new technology it introduces.

The low running costs of the LEAF, not to mention its many other benefits, make it an incredibly attractive proposition and we have been seeing steady growth in sales.

We expect that trend to continue rising as the model’s visibility increases and the rapid charging infrastructure expands across the UK.”

The Nissan LEAF continues to grow in popularity further field as well. To date, more than 16,000 LEAFs have found owners across Europe, while global sales have now topped an astonishing 87,000. It is worth adding that Nissan’s electric car sales form part of the total alliance with Renault who sell the Twizy, ZOE, Fluence and Kangoo Z.E. – all electric cars too. Though the LEAF is the best selling car, Renault’s figures add to the LEAFs making for the largest group manufacturer of electric cars at present.

Nissan LEAF sales

Source; Nissan