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Nissan Friend-Me Concept Arrives in Frankfurt

The Nissan Friend-Me concept has made its European debut today at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Nissan’s unique approach to design has resulted in some of the most groundbreaking and original new cars to be launched in the course of the last decade. The crossover – pioneered, evolved and perfected by Nissan – has transformed the look of streets and urban environments around the world.

Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept
Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept

The innovative new Friend-Me channels this same passion for design excitement and originality into a concept that explores the possibilities for a next-generation saloon. Making its European debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Friend-Me combines sporty and dynamic new design features with a cabin that showcases Nissan’s latest vision of in-car technology and entertainment. Yet despite its futuristic feel, Friend-Me is designed and engineered to be accessible to all. Even the most innovative features showcased on Friend-Me enjoy a link to production reality, and deliver a tempting vision of what buyers can expect from the future.

Friend-Me was first shown at the 2013 Auto Shanghai, where it explored the desires of future car buyers. Taiji Toyota, Vice President of Nissan Design China, said,

“We call our solution ‘Distilled Da Qi’. ‘Da Qi’ is about casting an aura, about standing out, but at the same time going with the flow, fitting in. It’s a question of balance, and we’ve worked to refine it right down to the essence. The result adds an entirely new and youthful dimension to the sedan category.”

Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept
Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept

Exterior: excitement and elegance combined

With dynamic design that conveys a real spirit of adventure and luxury, Friend-Me is the ultimate expression of modern automotive style.

Nissan’s desire to challenge design convention is evident in every element of Friend-Me’s exterior. Friend-Me delivers a bold, dynamic look that combines dramatic curves with intricate details.

The front end is dominated by a deep-set V-motion grille that frames the backlit Nissan badge and extends outwards to incorporate striking headlamp clusters at either end. Introducing an exciting new design language, the distinctive v-shaped contours flow elegantly over the front wings and down the sides of the car to create a powerful, taut profile.

In true Nissan style, the Friend-Me features striking details such as the LED headlamps that incorporate a unique boomerang-shaped lighting signature. The 20-inch wheels incorporate a twisted five-spoke design that accentuates the impression of movement, along with gloss black aero vanes that help smooth air-flow around the car.

Further back, Friend-Me’s floating roof and shallow glass area provide strong visual links to other members of the Nissan family, while kick-up shape around the C-pillar creates another striking styling cue. Bold swage lines create a dramatic waistline, while the gently flared rear wheel arches flow neatly into the rear bumper.

The rear of Friend-Me incorporates more dramatic elements including racing-style underfloor venturi and bold boomerang-shaped lamp clusters.

Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept
Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept

Interior: four seats – one mind connectivity

Nissan’s ongoing commitment to innovation, accessible technology and passenger involvement is showcased in Friend-Me’s cabin.

Nissan believes that every passenger deserves the best, so Friend-Me features four individual lounge-style seats designed to deliver maximum comfort and safety levels to passengers. Deeply sculpted and multi-adjustable, each is surrounded by a high shoulder line – further enhancing the feeling of security and protection for everybody on board. Friend-Me’s seats also help create a feeling of opulence and comfort not normally found in the saloon and hatchback market.

The cabin is dominated by a unique centre console that runs the entire length of the passenger compartment. Designed to deliver all four passengers entertainment and information on the move, it forms the digital heart of the car. Formed from numerous screens that sit below a single glass surface, the Friend-Me’s displays can be configured to whatever each individual passenger desires. The technology also incorporates an advanced IT system that allows passengers to share information, pictures and music from their mobile devices. The integrated monitor screens also allow passengers to connect to friends or family members connected over the Internet or in other cars.

Each passenger can also access real-time information about the car’s status and performance. So, if those in the back seats want to know where they are during their journey, calling up the navigation system onto their monitor screens puts all the answers at their fingertips.

At the front, the driver has access to an equally advanced display, with a glass-fronted interface designed to be as simple as possible to operate. Nissan believes that advanced technology is only truly useful if users can easily engage with it, so all elements of Friend-Me’s central display have been created to be as simple to use as possible.

Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept
Nissan Friend-Me Hybrid Concept

Drivetrain: a dream within reach

Nissan Friend-Me has been carefully designed as a dream within reach. Based on existing Nissan platform architecture, it combines current technologies with next-generation innovations to provide an enticing view of the future.

Powering Friend-Me is an efficient PureDrive hybrid powertrain that offers exceptional economy and emissions with flexible range. Designed to deliver agile performance in an out of the city, the Nissan-developed drivetrain combines a petrol engine with latest-generation lithium-ion batteries to provide a seamless driving experience.

Source; Nissan