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Nissan Creates “Future Scent” With Master Perfumer

Nissan Europe commissioned Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist Dr. George Dodd to create a scent of the future – a smell that may encompass emotions of a utopian world where electric; zero-emission (ZE) cars are the only vehicles and the nature’s balance has returned. The result is an amusing but quite incredible take on the creation of the perfume, a bit tongue in cheek but nonetheless fascinating to see Dr Dodd at work.

Likely paid fortunes to create the next big perfume for the major fashion houses, Dr Dodd certainly knows how to sell what he does with comments such as,

“It’s like inventing a new colour, a new sound or a new symphony.”

Dr. George Dodd used his expert nose to concoct a scent that not only represents a zero-emissions future but also induces a positive sense of well-being to the sniffer – which smell is scientifically proven to be able to do.

With inspiration gained from long walks amongst the Scottish Highlands, Dodd has concocted Nissan’s “future scent” with essences taken from cut green grass, myrtle oil, natural orange and the ineffable “light as air” molecule, or “smellicule” if you will. The scent evokes clean, fresh and organic landscapes in the minds of its sniffers, designed to encourage nostalgic feelings.

Nissan approached Dodd after hearing about his esteemed career as a scientist of smell. His expertise started as a child. Born downwind of the Guinness brewery in Dublin, his sense of smell was brought to life at an early age before going on to study the science behind the sense and becoming a world-renowned expert.

Nissan's Perfume of the Future

The futuristic scent is to be doused onto a LEAF shaped car air freshener and given to select electric car fans, Nissan LEAF customers and Nissan employees in Europe as a Christmas gift to thank them for playing their part in a zero-emissions future. The innovative yet light-hearted gift celebrates the pioneering steps Nissan is taking towards an emission-free future and reminds recipients of what they are contributing to when driving their LEAF.

Creating a scent of the future was a first for the Aroma Academy. Their champion nose, George Dodd, commented:

“We are very proud to have been asked to create such an abstract and innovative scent with Nissan. When Nissan came to me and asked me to create a scent of the future it was quite a scary thought, but it was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed. This bespoke, futuristic aroma embodies a palate of smell sensations that have never before existed together and represents a future Nissan is helping us drive towards.”

Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist Dr. George Dodd

Source; Nissan