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Nissan Brings LEAF Up to Date with 30kWh Battery and New Tech

Nissan have brought their much loved world best selling electric car, the LEAF, bang up-to-date with a new larger battery and improved user technology.

The New LEAF includes a larger capacity battery, that only weighs little more than 20 kilos heavier than the 24kWh model. The new car does not replace the older version, however, and instead will be sold alongside it.

Nissan states the new car offers 155 miles range (NEDC rated, 250km equivalent), giving an improvement of 31 miles over the 24kWh model. The range does not come with any additional compromise, as Nissan’s engineers have managed to rearrange the cells within their packaging as well as add a few extra ones too, meaning the cabin does not lose space to make way for the new cells.

Nissan LEAF 30kWh MY2016

Aside from the improved range, the big news is Nissan have [finally] done away with the Teletubby coloured and dated computer system of old, in favour of a new system layout that lifts the LEAF no end. It’s a fantastic improvement that we can’t wait to try – we shall be doing so ahead of our next issue, out 7th November.

The system’s main highlight is a totally redesigned user interface and the installation of a digital radio receiver. It also has a capacitive 7-inch touchscreen that allows owners to zoom in and out of maps and flick between menus simply by moving their fingers on the screen – much like a smart phone. This was one area we disliked about the old LEAF when compared to other cars, so it is great to see Nissan have listened to critique and addressed common complaints with the system.

Carwings has also been replaced by NissanConnect EV that allows, “charge status checking to pre-heating the cabin on cold winter days, owners across the world have used this advanced smartphone-enabled telematics facility to make life even easier. NissanConnect EV not only brings greater comfort but also improves driving range, thanks to the ability to pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin without using battery energy.”

30kWh Nissan LEAFs will be available in the UK from December 2015, priced from £24,490 for the Acenta trim level. See the table below for more details. The new LEAF will be produced alongside it’s smaller batteried sister car in the UK at Nissan’s Sunderland factory.

The LEAF narrowly missed out to newcomer rival Kia Soul EV in AutoVolt’s annual awards, but these changes may just put it back to the top spot for its class.

Grade Options Battery OTR with PiCG**
Acenta MY16 – 30kWh £24,490
Acenta Solar cell MY16 – 30kWh £24,790
Acenta 6kW charger MY16 – 30kWh £25,640
Acenta 6kW charger +
Solar Cell
MY16 – 30kWh £25,940
Tekna MY16 – 30kWh £26,490
Tekna Solar cell MY16 – 30kWh £26,790
Tekna 6kW charger MY16 – 30kWh £27,640
Tekna 6kW charger +
Solar cell
MY16 – 30kWh £27,940
Visia MY16 – 24kWh £20,790
Visia 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £21,940
Acenta MY16 – 24kWh £22,890
Acenta Solar cell MY16 – 24kWh £23,190
Acenta 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £24,040
Acenta 6kW charger +
Solar Cell
MY16 – 24kWh £24,340
Tekna MY16 – 24kWh £24,890
Tekna Solar cell MY16 – 24kWh £25,190
Tekna 6kW charger MY16 – 24kWh £26,040
Tekna 6kW charger +
Solar cell
MY16 – 24kWh £26,340

Source; Nissan