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New POLAR App Does Away with RFID Cards for EV Charging

Chargemaster is launching a new smartphone app to change the way drivers charge their electric vehicles. The POLAR Instant app, which is available now on the Apple iPhone and will be coming to Android smartphones from early May, provides EV drivers with instant access to the UK’s largest publicly available network of charging points, without the need to use an RFID card or sign-up to a membership scheme.

The POLAR Instant app is available free of charge to smartphone users via the app store. Once the app is installed, users can top-up directly via the app or via the POLAR Instant website – – using a debit or credit card, to immediately have access to Chargemaster’s network of thousands of charge points across the country, as well as other charge point suppliers using the open charge point protocol, called OCPP. Most are available to use free-of-charge and the ones which are chargeable are clearly visible on the POLAR Instant live-map.

As well as charging and payment, drivers can use POLAR Instant to search for charge points by location using the app’s live map facility, which shows the real-time status of the charge points, the connector type available and any cost information. The map also creates a journey planner, directing users to a desired charge point from any location, making charging a vehicle during longer journeys easier and stress-free.

POLAR instant app

Alexander Castel, General Manager of POLAR Instant said:

“POLAR Instant controls the charge point by virtually starting and stopping the charging at a touch of a button. There is no need to pay a fee to sign up or register for a card. Smartphone users can just download the app and begin charging straight away. Our service provides access for all EV drivers to the largest public charging network, with the widest reaching geographical footprint in the country. We are confident that our customers are going to find charging their electric vehicles easier and more efficient than ever before with POLAR Instant. Our app has been specially designed to be functional and easy to use.”

Where payment is required, POLAR Instant rates have no hidden fees, meaning prices are always transparent and competitive. Drivers can use the app to monitor usage data in real time, meaning they are always aware of how much they have spent. Billing information is emailed automatically or can be accessed on the website.

For areas where there is limited or low mobile phone signal, drivers need not worry as POLAR Instant will still supply its customers with a free RFID card as a back-up option which will be compatible with all charging points in the network. Chargemaster also provides a telephone support number for its customers, which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

POLAR Instant is equally ideal for site owners, with existing charge points, or those intending to install a forthcoming charging infrastructure. POLAR Instant interacts with any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant charging point, enabling POLAR Instant to manage all the back-end support, including the collection and remittance of funds for a site owner, as well as supplying consumption data.

Source; Chargemaster