Autovolt Magazine

NEW Magazine For Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Enthusiasts!

At AutoVolt, we provide news and information about electric and hybrid vehicles from around the world. In less than a year more than 600 articles have gone live on our website. Our plan has always been to expand and as such we have been working furiously behind the scenes to bring you our first proper magazine issue.

We’re delighted to announce that this is very close to being a reality! To get this far, we’ve conducted interviews with top people in their industry, such as Paul Newsome from Williams Advanced Engineering and visited pioneering firms such as Flybrid who are at the leading edge of their industry. We’ve got lots more planned for the future too and have been driving all and every electric and hybrid car we can get our hands on.

With nearly every single automotive manufacturer around the world either developing or recently launching electric and hybrid vehicles, now is an incredibly exciting time in this expanding field. Our magazine has gone from being a relatively niche interest publication at it’s inception, to now becoming very relevant to a much wider audience.

In-car technology has equally advanced at such a rapid rate, perhaps one of the fastest growing fields in the world, cars of last year are looking dated when compared to the current concept offerings on show.

In short, there’s plenty to talk about, learn and enjoy. Our magazine will be available both digitally and with print-on-demand, meaning that you can enjoy reading it whichever way you prefer. We’ll bring you more news as the publication develops. Without further ado, here’s a sneak peak at our first issue:

AutoVolt Magazine Sample

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