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New Hyundai Intrado Concept Hints Toward Future Design

Hyundai is set to reveal it’s all new concept car named the Intrado at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. As is usual with most concepts, the aim is to show the design direction for the brand and future developments.

Built from a super-lightweight structure made of advanced materials and allegedly joined using revolutionary techniques, Hyundai says they feel the construction methods have the potential to challenge the way cars of the future are made. The drivetrain is suitably advanced too, featuring Hyundai’s much developed hydrogen fuel cell but this time around it is both smaller and lighter than the heavy instalment found in the production ix35 Fuel Cell.

As mentioned above, the design direction of the concept shows the way toward future Hyundai’s and their appearance and Hyundai is calling this, ‘byFluidic Sculpture 2.0’ – a bit of a mouthful. Thought up by Hyundai Motor’s design and engineering teams together, Intrado was primarily drawn up in Germany.

The name ‘Intrado’ comes from the underside of an aircraft’s wing which produces lift enabling flight to take place. We’re pretty sure ethereal images of TopGun and fighter pilots is more what Hyundai want to convey than a car taking off unexpectedly. However, Hyundai say they have taken inspiration from aircraft including the use of advanced materials, removal of unnecessary weight and a functional over style attitude towards design.

Peter Schreyer, President & CDO of Hyundai Motor Group, commented:

“Hyundai Intrado envisages a motoring future that encapsulates the efficiency and freedom associated with flying. I believe in the power of mobility to deliver emotional as well as physical connections and this car helps us find again the joy of discovery. Intrado shows that future cars can be relevant and exciting.”

More information about Intrado will be revealed ahead of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Hyundai Intrado Concept Art

Source; Hyundai